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The CBS affiliate in our area, KCTV5, in Fairway, Kansas, has the most bizzarre rules for covering storms of any station I've ever heard of in my entire life.

And I'm old. I'm fricking old!

Their Meteorologist, Katie Horner, (John calls her "Mother Horner" because of her extremely condescending comments to viewers - for example, this afternoon, she thanks people for taking cover after a tornado warning in Atchison, Kansas), seems to have taken over all of the CBS Prime Time shows if there is a cloud anywhere from Topeka, Kansas to Columbia, Missouri, Des Moines, Iowa, to Springfield, Missouri.

Yes, I know, this is tornado season, and we live in "tornado alley", but all the other television stations can run a crawl about any weather alerts at the bottom of the screen. But not KCTV5 - they have to have live coverage of any and all weather for freaking hours on end.

Honestly, Katie is on the TV with videos of a roof that came off of a building a couple of hours ago in a small town, and she is talking about how hot and humid it must be in that town. Damn, the storm has already hit - at this point, the meteorologist needs to go home to her family, or what's left of them, And not only that, but Katie wears the same damn hot pink jacket every time she is on - KCTV5 - buy that woman some clothes!!!

Anyway, because of Katie's second by second commentary on the aftermath of any storm within about 150 miles of us, I miss the very few prime-time shows that I like to watch.

Gah. KCTV5 - would you PLEASE get with the program and get Katie off the air unless it is between shows or an actual local emergency!!!!!

UPDATE: Thanks to KCSTEVE, I know now that there is an actual website dedicated to getting Katie Horner fired.

I can see I'm not alone in my frustration with Katie Horner. Ha!

 I have moved all the chicks out to the Keetergarten, after making it more chick safe by adding a second layer of 1" poultry netting to the inside of the pen.  So the garage is slowly getting back to normal, at least for the moment.
The guineas have started laying - willy nilly - here, there and anywhere I find a guinea egg.  I'm going to incubate them all again this year, once I have about 30 eggs or so.  I think I'll incubate some of the duck eggs, too.  I'd like more ducks, but they cost over $5 each at the feed stores as ducklings! 

I'm also going to incubate some eggs from Darling, our very smart little bitty chicken, just to see if what she has learned about staying safe from predators is passed along to her chicks.

I'm pretty excited about a new farm implement John bought me for Mother's Day! It is a disc cultivator that goes behind our Polaris Ranger.  We found it at Feldmans Farm and Home in Bonner Springs, Kansas, several hundred dollars less than the exact same model at Northern Tool Supply, TSC and Orschleins. 

I can use it to cultivate the area I want to be my garden area - much easier than using the damn Sears overly-expensive and unreliable tiller that is only one year old and will not work!  If this disk cultivator works, I'm selling the damn tiller!

I'm sitting around waiting for the rain to stop, so I can go outside safely (there is lightening close enough that I don't want to be a target) and feed the goats, horses, chickens, Buffy and get the trash out!

Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to the Farmers Market tomorrow.  I'm on antibiotics and I'm not contagious, so if I have enough energy, I'll be at the Leavenworth Farmers Market tomorrow morning - bright and early! (ugh!)  

Well, the sky is looking better.  I'm off to check the chickens!
 And no end in sight.  The weeds are doing quite well - some have grown 3 feet in 2 days!.  I figured out the cash register.  I am now going to make some informational signage on how good eggs from happy, free-range chickens are for you.

I refuse to call the free-range eggs.  I think of cartoon eggs with legs walking around, bumping into each other when I hear that term!

The chickens are free-range.  The eggs are not.

Weather forecast for tomorrow morning is ... yucky. Just hope I can avoid rain at the Market.

I refuse to buy a canopy for 2 months (after that, the pavilion will be finished, and I won't need one).

I think I'll take the Aztec tomorrow, rather than the truck.  I'll use a card table that should work.
Since the temp dropped from 56 degrees to 18 degrees on Sunday, it has continued to drop.  It's about 5 degrees and snowing this morning.

I have been fixing the chickens special hot breakfasts using oatmeal and whatever veggies are getting old each morning.  They love it.  I have been hauling water out to the two chicken dwellings of Argghhh! a few times a day, as I'm a little paranoid of those water heaters.

The goats and Buffy have a water bucket that is heated - but there is no element actually sitting in the water, so I feel much better about that.

The horses, well, I need to go out to the pond, or perhaps John can go out there and break the ice.  John likes to shoot holes in the ice, but I usually take a shovel or an axe and hit the ice until I can break it.  

Actually, I need to get Major and his brother, Andrew out here to do that ice breaking, seeing as I'm letting them keep 7 horses here for free.  Hmmm.  I am way too easy on those two!  OMG, they owe me a lot of work in exchange for free pasture!

When it is this cold, eggs will freeze if there is no hen sitting on them, so I have been checking every couple of hours for eggs. 

John and I have also decided that I need to build a large cage for Satchmo and the chick of his choice .  he is being hen pecked by the big chickens and roosters, and he looks awful - they are pulling out his blood feathers on his head, so I guess he will live in the garage this winter again - only this time, he WILL NOT GET THE RUN OF THE GARAGE!  What a mess to keep clean!  So, today, I'll start building and hopefully have something for him by the end of the day.  I'm thinking that I'll put my tiny little Seabright, Darling, in with him, as well as Puffball - Puffball is recovering from being nipped by Buffy.  I can't blame Buffy, Puffball was stealing her dogfood!

Damn, chickens will eat ANYTHING!!!!

Well, winter is well on her way to the Farm.  We had snow last night, not a lot, about 2 inches.  It’s cold and windy.  I still have to get outside to feed the critters, water the critters and clean up after the critters.

So my winter farm fashion forecast is as follows:

Carharrts - overalls,Flannel Lined jeans ,jackets socksand gloves

Ariat boots

silk long underwear

My dear husband, John, took this picture this morning of me in the snow. Modeling part of my winter outfit:

Now, it is a bit big for me this year, last year it was too tight. So even if I look goofy, I’m a healthier, thinner goofy this year.

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