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I was looking at different hatcheries on-line, as it is getting to be time to buy some new chicks to replenish my egg-laying hens.

I found this hatchery, Larry's Poultry, and thought, oh, maybe I'll buy from them. I started checking out his website.

Then I noticed a link on his front page that said: IMPORTANT NEWS.

So, I clicked on the link and lo and behold, it was a notice from the Democrat Party warning people of those of us who don't like the Obama Agenda.

Yes, we are "Anti-Reform" Mobs. We are evil. We must be stopped. Oh, and we are afraid! Because we are too stoopid out here to understand the nuances of Obama's Socialized Medicine push, I suppose.

It goes on and on and sounds like a Nancy Pelosi sound bite.

The whole screed was signed by

Jen O'Malley Dillon Executive Director Democratic National Committee

Apparently, Jen is unaware of the many Democrats who have joined Independents and Republicans in protesting the "transformation of America" that far-left Democrats and the President and the Left Democrats in Congress are trying to force upon us.

I wrote the company, Larry's Poultry, and I told them why I would never purchase anything from them. Ever.

Never. Never. Never.

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Unfortunately, I'm afraid that Senior Citizens will be "thrown under the bus" if ObamaCare is passed.

obama care.jpg

The Irritable Pundit explains his very clever, and I'm afraid, probably true, image.

Obama's Speech

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 Where, amazingly, everything that has ever happened that is bad is President Bush’s fault and anything bad that ever happens in the future will also be President Bush’s fault.

And Obama, the Magnificent, is always right, always better than any previous President of the United States and always smarter than any person who has ever walked on American soil. And he emits no greenhouse gases.

Not only that, but the Mighty Obama corrects all mistakes, makes sure that everything he does (outside of the whole Acorn election fraud thingie) is perfectly legal, and always keeps to our traditions.

Oh, and not to forget that Obama has to put up with those of us who disagree with him - we are, of course, extremests. 

Anyway, Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review on Line, has a wonderful post on the President’s speech.  I strongly suggest you read it!

 There are some liberal writers who have their panties in a wad because many of us who happen to be conservative would rather not have the Gitmo terrorists in civilian prisons on American soil.

I don't believe anyone is afraid of the terrorists escaping. We are afraid of those who will come seeking to break them out, or just to terrorize the regions in which the prison that houses them exists. It has happened before. Before being sent to the supermax in Colorado, the First World Trade Building terrorists were held at the Federal Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas. Not long after, letter bombs made up of plastic explosives started appearing in the Leavenworth Post Office.

We were all quite happy when the supermax was ready and they could take the terrorists away from our back yard.

The other concern is that so many current "home grown" terrorists are "converting to Islam (ya know, that religion of peace)" whilst in prison. Those prisoners are released and do things like - oh, you know, um, try to set off bombs in front of Synagogues in New York City. - Like the bunch who appeared in court this morning. And since Obama seems to want to continue with military tribunals, putting them here at Ft. Leavenworth, not a supermax, seems to be one of the places that the current administration is considering.

Remember please, these are people who crudely saw off people's heads rather than imprison them until the hostilities are over. We give them a zillion more rights than they give anyone else. And don't forget how they treat women and children - and goats.

Poor goats.

Elizabeth Sauls, of the Beaufort Observer, is my pick for most honest reporter around.  

Here is just a tidbit of her commentary:
Then Monday morning, Obama dropped another bomb – he proposed a $190 billion tax increase on American companies. You're aware that Coke has bottling facilities everywhere but on the moon and that may yet happen, if we decide to develop a program of some sort there. Anyhoo, Coke has plants all over the world and they are run by citizens of the countries they are in. For instance, the companies operate as local businesses in local communities across Japan. The workers are Japanese, the managers and owners are Japanese. The profits are, mainly, Japanese.

Obama and his cronies want to tax Coke for the money made in the Japanese market. That's 'taxes' as in 'extra taxes' as in 'we-want-more-of-your-profits taxes.' Coca-Cola already pays taxes in Japan for a product made in Japan, delivered to stores in Japan and sold to the people of Japan. Obama wants Coke to pay US taxes on top of the Japanese taxes, which will make the price of Coke more expensive in Japan and they will sell less.
You simply must read the entire article.  
 Remember when Obama said, “I have told each of my Cabinet, as well as mayors and governors across the country, that they will be held accountable by me and the American people for every dollar they spend.”?

What a joke.

And he wants President Obama to follow him into the hell of socialism, where the only people with anything are members of the government. Where the government can snatch all you have worked for away from you in the blink of an eye.

I do think we should look for President Obama's response to this insane man. It could be telling.

For the best info on this, go see Fausta's blog.  


Acorn, the "Community Organizing Group" that President Obama graduated from, is actually breaking the law in front of TV cameras by breaking into foreclosed homes.

And yet, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, in their "wisdom" have given billions of dollars to this organization via the Porkulus Bill.

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