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So much has been going on. Did I mention I had a bunch of guinea eggs in the incubator? It has been 27 days, and I was surprised on Friday when the keets (guinea fowl chicks) started emerging from their shells!

So far, we have 9 keets in the brooder, along with two tiny bantam chicks, progeny of Darling, my very sweet and friendly Seabright Bantam hen. Their father is the little Black Japanese Bantam rooster we have. For some reason, I have not named him. Perhaps that is because he is a bit of a shit and has been known to attack my ankles when he wants me to distribute chicken feed. (he is lazy - there are plenty of bugs and lots of grass and weeds he can eat, I normally only put out some feed for them once a day, or all the time in winter). Darling and Nameless's chicks are now about one week old, and they are just barely the same size as the one day old keets. Tomorrow, I hope that many more keets will have their birthdays!

Oh, and I've been going to the old house a lot with Anna and Leah Combs and they have done wonders. I think we will be ready for a garage sale within a couple of weeks - and those of you who know how much stuff we have in that old house, know just how much of an accomplishment that is!

We found, though, that we have had some (children, we think) breaking into the house through the windows in my old office or in Andy's old room. We even found some muddy bare footprints in the dining room - obviously a child's foot. John figured out that they must have figured out the combination to the electronic front door lock, so we changed it last night and checked all possible entries to the house. Today, we checked, and all was well, though we did discover a lot of fingerprints on the windows that are on the ground floor, which kind of indicates that someone was trying to get in.

Now, before you get all upset about the fact that someone has been regularly breaking into our old house, let me tell you that nothing of value has come up missing. In fact, there were several jars full of change that were not touched, which is why John thinks it is most likely children who are doing it because it is "exciting".

At this point, I cannot wait to get Major and his sister and her husband to move in. It will give them all a nice house to live in and we will feel secure that no one will be breaking into it while we get it into shape to sell.

In fact, Major is trying really hard to figure out a way to get financing, he would love to buy it and fix it up and turn it around and sell it, but he is a young guy (22), and it will be hard for him to finance it. However, I think he could easily make some money on that house, and I wish him well with figuring out how to buy it.

Speaking of Major, he and his cousin, Jesse, came over today and finally put in the gates separating the lower garden from the main pasture. For the past nearly two years, the only thing keeping these areas separate has been a bunch of wood pallets tied together across the space. We bought the gates last summer, and I'm thrilled that they are finally installed. Not only that, but Major cut down one of the big evil locust trees that scar our property.

So, it's been busy. I'm starting to feel like maybe someday we will no longer have the old house to be worried about, and I'm absolutely thrilled that having a humongous garage/tag/moving sale is within sight - finally!!!!

I'm going to give Leah a good percentage of what we take in, she has been helping us just because she is a good person and has the time. Oh, and the girl sings like a freaking angel when she is helping me to clean and move furniture, etc. She could easily be a country music star. I was shocked at the range and beauty of her voice. What a great young woman!

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