What is this blog about? Who is Beth Donovan? Why does she blog?

I have been blogging for over 5 years on my old blog, She Who Will Be Obeyed. Honestly, I just got tired of that blog, so I started The Farm at Castle Argghhh!!! because it is a fresh start, no one has any expectations, and I can write about what I feel like writing, mostly about my day-to-day doings here on our farm.

I have had many different jobs in the past.  I"ve worked at Walmart for minimum wage, and I worked at Cerner Corporation for 79,200 a year and done all kinds of things in between.  

I am not an easy person to live with - ask John, he is a saint!.  I am outspoken, I hold grudges and I'm smart.  I'm even techie smart, which irritated the hell out of the people at Cerner who were 15 to 30 years younger than me.  If something seems unethical or illogical, I open my big old mouth and let it be known.  That has always gotten me in trouble.  Got me in trouble at Sprint, Birch Telecom and Cerner.  I made the huge mistakes of making my bosses or their bosses look bad. 

Life was miserable working for those kind of bosses.  There are way too many abusive men and women who think that the title of manager or supervisor gives the the right to belittle people working for them.  At Sprint, I had a boss follow me around the office yelling at me because I made a typo on the internal web site.  A typo.  Yes, a typo.  At Sprint, I had another boss who was so close to illiterate that he sent me all of his emails before they went out to other people because the man could not write a proper English sentence, and was apparently unable to use SpellCheck..  My job description was not "editor of stupid man's emails", but I did it without complaint until the day he gave me the only bad review I had ever received at Sprint.  All the rest were great reviews.  

I could go on.  I seem to attract abusive bosses because I am not at all politically correct and I hate office politics.  

Anyway, we were able to buy this property, I lost my job at Cerner (which was a huge blessing in disguise, as the bosses there were driving me to an early grave!), and I am trying to learn to farm.

John has been more than patient with me.  I have suffered from a lot of depression over losing that job and the way they screwed me over when I lost it.  I should have sued their asses for age discrimination, but I just wanted to forget about them.

So, I want to figure out a way to be my own boss.  To make money doing what makes me happy - photography,  pottery, raising chickens and angora goats, and hopefully growing a great garden with a lot of heritage veggies that I can sell at the Farmer's Market and perhaps some restaurants.

I have made a ton of mistakes.  I planted my big veggie garden in an area that ended up flooding.  I could not begin to keep up with the weeds because I did not mulch the garden.  My yields really sucked, because I did not understand how to apply the compost properly.  

Thankfully, we have about 14 acres of decent brome hay, so I can feed my two horses and the goats their forage at no cost (as I split the hay crop with the Parson's family, who mow it and bale it for me).  

I am learning that people out in the country are generally more helpful and more self-sufficient than people who live in cities.  .

Anyway - politically, I am pro-life, anti-death penalty.  I believe we really need to decrease the presence of government in our lives, so I am not pleased with the current economic machinations of the Washington elites.. 

I really hate politicians who are convinced that they know better than the rest of us how we should live. And then they want to tax us to force us to eat the right things, exercise, etc.  It's nuts.

I am against redistribution of wealth by the Goverment.  I am for charitable giving - I should be able to decide what I want to do with my money that I have earned.

The Bill of Rights is being threatened.  This really worries me.

I shoot guns.  I own guns.

I don't hunt, but if someone wants to give me some venison sausage, that's fine with me!

I grew up in the St. Louis suburbs of Ladue and Creve Coeur, Missouri.  Went to Rockhurst College in Kansas City (now Rockhurst University - no school wants to be "just" a college anymore!), graduated in 1975.  

I've been a social worker, a convenience store manager, an engravor, I have sold some photographs, some paintings, some crafty things. 

I have many interests.  

I am really worried about our country right now.  Too many people think that we should all have exactly the same stuff, no matter how hard one works.

I am very much against socialism, even more against communism.

I suggest everyone read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Facism.

I don't like Eastern Pundits who snub the rest of us out here - like Christopher Buckley, who mocked Sarah Palin because she did not attend an Ivy League school - no, she worked her ass thru school you freaking idiots!!

Okay, that's it.

Oh, and we live on a 77 1/2 acre farm near Easton, Kansas.  This area is called the glacial hills of Kansas.  It is hilly and beautiful.  It's hard work, but I'm so much healthier since we moved here.

Hope you enjoy my blog. 

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