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I know I'm often a bad speller, and I sometimes end a sentence with a preposition. But dammit, I know what a Haiku is, and it drives me absolutely over the edge when I see the "haiku" that many twitterites write.

There are 17 syllables total in Haiku - and they must be divided, logically, into 3 lines - first line - 5 syllables, second line - 7 syllables, third line - 5 syllables. 

Any one of those lines should be a thought.  Doesn't have to be a sentence, but it should be able to stand on its own.

Ya can't just divy up any old sentence into 3 and  call it Haiku.  It ain't!

So there.

It does make me wonder about the state of education in this country, though - do they teach people what a syllable is anymore? 

I know they don't diagram sentences anymore, too boring for the kids, I've heard.

I hereby appoint myself the official Haiku Czarina.  I will be checking the internet for false claims of Haiku, and I will be reporting on them here!!

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