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Sunday Farm Report

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Wow, 18 eggs today!  I have 6 dozen that I can take to the feed store to trade for some feed! (Well, he gives me money for the eggs, and I give it back for feed)  If the chickens can lay enough to pay for themselves, I'll be happy!

I made a nice beef stew today. Tried some different spices than I usually use, and I liked them!  I used some Thai Red Curry Paste, Lea and Perrins, garlic, marjoram, oregano, basil, celery, carrots, onions, beef (dredged in a flour/spice mix and saute'ed until browned) and some leftover red wine and a can of tomatoes.

It was good.

Buffy and Gunner had a grand time running around in the snow today.  They ran around each other for what seemed like hours.  Both are just wiped out now.  Buffy is sleeping on her big cushy dogbed in the barn next to her goats, and Gunner has taken over my sofa.

The lightbulb in the old chicken coop burnt out - not surprising, really, as I stole it from a lamp in the extra bedroom.

So that coop will be cold tonight - should get down to 25 degrees.  Brrrrrrr. Unless, of course, I bundle up and go over there with a flashlight and save the guineas, ducks and the few diehard chicken who don't want to live in the lovely warmth of the heat lamp in the big, new chicken house.

Well.  I suppose I should go bundle up, get a lightbulb and a flashlight and take care of my birds, else I'll end up with a bunch of frozen chicken nuggets come morning!

Thanksgiving kept me in the kitchen for the bulk of the day.  I only went out to tend to the animals and gather eggs.  I am very pleased to report that the lighting I added to the chicken coup  and the chicken house is working - I gathered 11 eggs yesterday!  W00T!

I have at least 36 hens, so I really should be getting 2 dozen or more a day.  They are sneaky hens - they like to find new spots to deposit their eggs in, so I am always searching out those spots.  

I can be sneaky, too.  When I find a clutch of eggs, I mark all of the eggs with a magic marker and leave them there.  The hen or hens using that hidden nest don't realize I've found them out, and they continue to lay their eggs there, but because I know where the hidden nest is, and I know which are the older eggs (the ones with an x on them), I can collect the new eggs with confidence twice a day.

Bwaahahaha.  Those chickens can't get one over on me!

Which reminds me - a commenter wanted to know if you have to have roosters for your chickens to lay eggs - No.  You don't need a rooster.  The chickens will lay eggs if they have enough light, food and water until they can lay no more!

However, I have roosters.  I rather like them, and so far, there have been no serious incidents of rooster grumpiness.  Probably because they have 80 acres to wander every day, and they don't get into arguments because they can get away from each other!  Quite often, it is the hens who pick on roosters.

I am going to be making a video of the chickens.  I plan to interview some of them and see how they feel about living on the Farm at Castle Argghhh!!

Tuesday Morning Farm Report

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Darn, I'm late!  The chickens are starting to lay eggs!  I found 5 last night, and I hope I will find more later this afternoon.  

The goats are fine.

The horses are well.

The dogs and I went on a long walk this morning.

All the cats but one are well.

Our precious Little Girl, our oldest kitty, is failing fast, I'm afraid.  I've been holding her for the past hour or so and she is very quiet.  She drank some water earlier and even ate a tiny bit of food, but I'm afraid that her age has caught up with her.    I'm asking St. Francis to ask God to make her journey over the Rainbow Bridge to be an easy one.  Right now, she is asleep on my lap, in her sunbeam.


Monday Morning Farm Report

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Here is my promised update on yesterday's accomplishments.

1. there is now lighting in the hen house that should encourage the birds to start laying again.

2. I made one nesting box out of an old plastic storage bin (not clear, they like their privacy, don't ya know!) and some scrap wood.

3. I discovered a hidden nest they have been laying eggs in. It is in the barn, the little sneaks, they are not supposed to hang out in there. So, I marked the eggs in the nest (I have no idea how old they might be, so they will be decoys) and now, if any of them lay there, I'll know the fresh eggs from the decoy eggs. I figure this counts as a nesting box, so I got two finished!

4. I decided to start a blog devoted to the farm and all the activities based on the farm. I will probably be writing there more than here, unless I get really riled up about something that I cannot relate to life on the farm.

Cross-posted at She Who Will Be Obeyed.

The Farm Blog

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I have decided to start a new blog focused on our farm.  I will write about any and all things that are farm related from updates on critters to my attempts at actually making money by growing and selling veggies, herbs, berries, etc.

I'm even going to add a PayPal Tip Jar.  Since all my time is devoted to trying to learn to farm, and I am earning no (zero, zilch, nada) money, maybe someone might throw me a dollar or two to help feed the chickens, ducks, goats and Guinea Fowl.  Maybe I'll be able to buy a Spinning Wheel eventually, so I can spin the mohair from my goats and maybe even sell the resulting yarn.

We'll see.  No pressure, really.

I have not done any kind of blog creation for years, so it might take me awhile to figure out how to fix the indexes up, etc.  I might even ask for assistance.

So, welcome Dear Readers.  Comment anytime, that's what makes blogging fun!

Help Beth feed all those chickens via PayPal!

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This page is a archive of entries in the Daily Farm Post category from November 2008.

Daily Farm Post: December 2008 is the next archive.

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