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Taking pictures of the 4 bunnies born on April 27th is proving to be an exercise in near futility! They are all camera shy.

For example:

I have yet to figure out what the official color designations should be and I think they might all be girls, but sexing bunnies is tricky at best.

Release the Ducklings!

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They started quacking yesterday, so I figured they were old enough to leave the dog run they have been in for the past few weeks. The first thing they did was take a bath!

Short Puppy Update

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They are growing, but they are still awfully small by our standards! Here are some pictures of them with Buffy and Gunner that I took tonight.

Because apparently some of the nice people on the Yahoo Spin-list read it!

This weeks weather has been hot, then stormy, then hot, then stormy and so on. I can't get much mowing done because it keeps raining, but I have to get the mowing done anyway, because the darn rain is making the grass grow like crazy!

I ordered some hops on the Internet,(John has started brewing beer!) and the rhizomes are here, so I have to plant them. I have an old arbor from the old house that I need to erect first. I got it up yesterday, but it blew down within an hour, so John says I need some kind of tie down to keep it standing. I want the hops to grow up this arbor. I'll get a picture today. Promise.

Last Saturday at the Farmers' Market, it rained. Hard. And the wind blew the rain under the shelter and soaked me, my Sonata Spinning Wheel and the Alpaca roving that I was spinning. It took me all week to finish spinning that dang roving - it semi-felted in the storm, and it like to took me forever to draft it and spin it. It came out looking lovely, but I have bad feelings for the yarn because it had so much hay and straw stuck in this relatively pricey roving I purchased from a woman who raises alpacas over in Missouri. I was picking out hay before I dyed it, after I dyed it, while I was spinning it, while I was plying it and then again when I was putting it on the niddy noddy. Got 248 yards of pretty, soft, fuzzy yarn.

I went on a dyeing binge last week - I think I probably dyed about 8 pounds of wool roving from Sheep's Shed Studio. (I bought 15 pounds of mill end rovings and they are gorgeous!). I got pretty daring and did some space dyeing with some very bright colors. I'm making some batts with some of it, trying to come with clever names for the colorways I'm inventing, so I can market them better on and That's the hardest part!

I'm pretty sure wee Maggie is preggers. Oh, boy, I can see I need to take pictures today. Oh, and I still have to shear some of my goats, how embarrassing that I'm not done!

Well, must go get the trash out, it's trash day, and sometimes they show up at 8 am, the bastards!

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