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It's been a cold few days. On the farm, that means I need to make sure water is not frozen several times a day and hauling water because the hoses invariably freeze up on me.

I go out and check the bunnies' water 3 or more times a day. In the winter, I use crocks for their water because the water bottles just freeze up, and it is much easier to knock ice out of the hard plastic crocks, though my fingers tend to get a bit cold when I'm doing that.

The dogs... oh, the dogs, they have been dragging all kinds of deer bones and even a skin up the front yard. Poachers have killed some deer either deep in our woods ( unlikely, I think, unless they are crossing fences from another farm) or on someone else's land. Naturally, they also kill squirrels and leave them at the front door. (yuck) They don't eat the squirrels, they just kill them and leave them for us. (Double yuck).

Pat, the confused peahen who was born here last summer, has finally grown out the feathers she needs to be able to fly up to the rafters in the barn at night. One day last summer, I looked outside, and Gunner had poor, petrified Pat between his feet, plucking out some feathers, very gently, one by one. Well, I rescued Pat by running outside and yelling at Gunner, who knew he was doing something very bad, and he let her go immediately. I was afraid she was dead, so I ran over and picked her up, and she was literally frozen with fear for about an hour. So I carried her around with me until she started moving and then I moved her to the old chicken coop (which is fenced all around and over it) with the baby guineas and the little banty chick I found in the barn. She has recovered nicely, and know, finally flies.

Now, peafowl don't fly a lot, but they do like to roost up in high trees or in the rafters of the big barn at night, and if a predator is stalking them, they need to be able to fly away. They are pretty big birds, and they look really funny when they are flying, very awkward, but they get the job done.

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