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As many of you are aware, we still have a house in town that we need to sell. For nearly two years, it's been sitting there. It still has a load of furniture and other stuff in it.

Our little farm house is too small for much of what we own.

You might wonder - why is it taking those lazy Donovans two years to get that house on the market!?!

Well, there are reasons. One, a persistent neighbor who would appear mere seconds after pulling up to the door. Just to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and to likely ask for a favor. That neighbor literally drove us to move in the first place, and up until yesterday, was a major factor in our hesitancy to visit the old house to get all the stuff in it ready for a garage sale. Okay, that is the only reason. Well, that neighbor and his flock of children, who also appeared all the time asking for a drink of water, soda, money, food, whatever.

I like kids, normally, but since that family started bugging us, I've become a real ogre. I'm thrilled that our closest neighbor is 1/4 mile from us out here in the country. I don't have to duck and run every time I open the door in hopes of avoiding a pointless conversation that ends in - I need a ride to XXXXXX, can I borrow your lawn mower, etc..

Anyway, they moved yesterday. They decided that the ARM loan on their mortgage had gone up too far, so they just decided to quit paying the mortgage until they were foreclosed on. They found another house they like better (and that they have not destroyed yet) and moved into it. He told me he didn't like the house they bought from the start.

There are toys strewn about the yard - back and front, that they left. They were mostly broken toys because the kids were never taught to care for their belongings, and unfortunately, the lesson continues.

On the bright side, I can continue with getting the stuff in that house ready for a garage sale and then get rid of it. The mortgage company that owns the next-door house will clean up its yard and not decrease the value of our house so much.

The family that lived there have moved to another nice neighborhood, one with older, but well-kept homes, about a mile away. This is a family who proudly had Obama signs in their front yards last election. I guess that hopey changey thing didn't quite work out for them - or did it? They live in a house as nice or nicer than the one they destroyed, and they face no consequences for having failed to live up to the contract they signed. The ARM loans allowed them to buy a house with no down payment and with monthly payments lower than their rent would be. They never bothered to look into making it a 30 year fixed loan.

I used to think that home ownership would make people take better care of their property, but I have learned that is not true for all people. Some people just want a good deal, and they don't have enough foresight to understand that there are consequences to their actions.

And, some of us try to avoid some people so much, that we spend thousands of dollars a year on paying two mortgages rather than go to the old house to get it ready to sell.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel sorry for the kids, kinda, because it is not their fault that their parents did not teach them how to behave. And, I'll be spending a lot more time working on the old house now because that family will no longer just bug the hell out of me. (and John)

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On your neighbors…

That’s why you don’t drop children when they’re young.

Woohoo! Man those kids were annoying. That time I stayed behind to work while you went to pottery? I was PLAGUED!


I am thrilled those people are gone. Maybe now we can get everything in there out. I think we are going to ask Major to live there for awhile in return for helping with some wall painting and stuff (he is one of 8 kids in a tiny house - and he sleeps in a recliner and keeps all his clothes in a laundry basket).

We’ll see if we can unload that house (and mortgage) by autumn.

Heh. They only bugged me once. Of course, I moved everything up into the kitchen and then from kitchen to truck so I had minimal time for being bugged.

ANd, hey, recliners and couches can be down right comfy. Though, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Major to get out on his own at some point. That guys got brains for days and could go far if he chooses to.

And, you’re being unfair….to yourselves.

You guys have a buttload of stuff. What I moved for you was 3x what Jess and I move when we shift apts. YOu guys DO have a lot of stuff, and not a whole lot of time during the week to get it all done(taking care of the animals CAN be a time intensive endeavour).

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About this Entry

This page contains a single entry by Beth published on June 3, 2009 8:44 PM.

Obama's Speech was the previous entry in this blog.

Update on gardens is the next entry in this blog.

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