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Obama's Speech

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 Where, amazingly, everything that has ever happened that is bad is President Bush’s fault and anything bad that ever happens in the future will also be President Bush’s fault.

And Obama, the Magnificent, is always right, always better than any previous President of the United States and always smarter than any person who has ever walked on American soil. And he emits no greenhouse gases.

Not only that, but the Mighty Obama corrects all mistakes, makes sure that everything he does (outside of the whole Acorn election fraud thingie) is perfectly legal, and always keeps to our traditions.

Oh, and not to forget that Obama has to put up with those of us who disagree with him - we are, of course, extremests. 

Anyway, Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review on Line, has a wonderful post on the President’s speech.  I strongly suggest you read it!

 There are some liberal writers who have their panties in a wad because many of us who happen to be conservative would rather not have the Gitmo terrorists in civilian prisons on American soil.

I don't believe anyone is afraid of the terrorists escaping. We are afraid of those who will come seeking to break them out, or just to terrorize the regions in which the prison that houses them exists. It has happened before. Before being sent to the supermax in Colorado, the First World Trade Building terrorists were held at the Federal Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas. Not long after, letter bombs made up of plastic explosives started appearing in the Leavenworth Post Office.

We were all quite happy when the supermax was ready and they could take the terrorists away from our back yard.

The other concern is that so many current "home grown" terrorists are "converting to Islam (ya know, that religion of peace)" whilst in prison. Those prisoners are released and do things like - oh, you know, um, try to set off bombs in front of Synagogues in New York City. - Like the bunch who appeared in court this morning. And since Obama seems to want to continue with military tribunals, putting them here at Ft. Leavenworth, not a supermax, seems to be one of the places that the current administration is considering.

Remember please, these are people who crudely saw off people's heads rather than imprison them until the hostilities are over. We give them a zillion more rights than they give anyone else. And don't forget how they treat women and children - and goats.

Poor goats.

So many things have been going on here at the Farm at Castle Argghhh! From getting things ready to sell at the Farmer's market to shearing goats to getting Buffy the Coyote Slayer repaired after being  Gored by said Angora goats, and planting veggies, late, due to so many Spring rains, I'm tired!

Let's see. Last Friday morning, I was on KMBZ radio in Kansas City for their weekly news round up.  I want to thank KMBZ for inviting me to express my goofy viewpoints from time to time - most radio stations would laugh at the thought of a middle-aged lady from Easton Kansas having any political or newsworthy opinions.  KMBZ is unique in inviting regular listeners to express their opinions on a popular morning radio show, Kansas City's Morning News with EJ and Ellen - both of whom are really smart, funny and nice people.

Anyway, after I was on the air, I stopped at Kohl's on my way home to return something I had purchased on-line.  Even though I had purchased the item several months ago, Kohl's took it back, no questions asked - YAY, Kohl's!  

When I finally got home, I put the chickens, ducks and guineas out, checked on the goats, and noticed that Buffy the Coyote Slayer was laying on her side, completely indifferent to me and my offers of food!  I looked at her more closely, and found that she had been gored by one of the naughty Angora goats.  Now, Buffy has not been behaving terribly nicely to the goats lately, for some reason, she has been stealing their grain, and harassing the two new kids.  I suspect one of the mothers of the kids took offense and butted her, and while doing so, pierced her left thigh from the inside out.

So I took Buffy to my vet, Jeanie Hauser.  Indeed, the puncture wound I saw was scary.  The goat missed Buffy's femoral artery by less than an inch.  Antibiotics were given.  I got instructions on how to rinse the wound daily with diluted Betadyne, and I brought Buffy home.

So, Buffy is recuperating in the house.  She likes the house.  I'm afraid that we now have a huge house dog instead of a livestock guardian dog.  Sigh.  But she is doing well.

Last Saturday morning, I actually arose early enough to get my stuff together and make it on time to the Farmer's Market.  (That means leaving the house by 6 am on a Saturday!!! _ ARGGHHH!)  I sold all my wares (well, eggs, anyway), and I got home by 9:00 am.  Since then, I've been planting vegetable plants and seeds, taking care of chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, horses, etc., and I've been getting more and more tired. (If you recall, I had some kind of illness the past few weeks, that finally seems to be "all better".)

Saturday afternoon, John and I went to our old Outback Steakhouse and had a delightful dinner - they have a yummy new menu.  Sunday, we went for a long drive - drove out to Valley Falls, Kansas, and admired the beautiful old Victorian homes in the town.

Yesterday morning, I went out to check on the goats, chickens, etc., and I noticed that one goat, Belle, was nowhere to be seen - ends up that once again, she managed to get herself stuck in a locust tree.  I hate thorns! I spent about 45 minutes cutting the branches away from her.  Then, I decided that I ought to just shear her, as she was overdue.  It took me about 5 hours to shear her by myself!

Today, I got Leah, Jesse and Annah Combs to come out and help me shear Morgan La Fey and Horus.  We did it.  I'm pooped.  And now, I need to go out and plant about 15 tomato plants, assorted herbs and vegetables and some - .... WATERMELON!!! YAY!

But I find myself falling asleep inside here, even as I try to finish this post.  So, damn.  I'm tired! 
And our marketing apparently did not get the message across.  We are stuck in a temporary spot in downtown Leavenworth until the pavilion is finished sometime next month.  So, our regulars did not know where to find us.  I finally made a sign that said Farmer's Market - TODAY!!!!

I walked up and down 4th Street (the main drag thru town) and announced to all that the market was HERE and to please come and buy our wonderful fresh stuff!  I know that I got at least 10 or 15 cars to pull into the parking lot, but it was an awful lot of work.  It was fun though.  I kept thinking of silly things to yell at people in the cars passing by.  

In retrospect, I'm rather surprised I did it, but I was bored beyond belief just standing there with the other vendors, waiting around for 3 hours.  It was a lot more fun to be goofy.

Today, I'm tired.  I'm still run down from whatever it is I've been fighting off.  I did get my basil, oregano, thyme and some more peppers transplanted.  I was surprised to discover that a lot of Farmer's Market growers don't start their plants from seed.  They buy the plants from big plant places and just transplant them into the ground.

Hmmmm.  Wonder how much that costs!  I'm trying to do this without taking out any kind of loan, other than the money that John gave me last year to start it.  So far - FAIL! LOL.

But I have learned a lot.  For one, if I miss getting to the Market, I'm not going to sell anything.  So I am working hard to make all the Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon markets.

Oh, tomorrow, I'll be on KMBZ radio again.  It's been some months.  Get to talk about current events on the Morning News show with EJ and Ellen and I'm sure other Kansas City people.  It will be fun, and as always, I'll be a nervous wreck!
You can stream KMBZ if you want to listen - during the 8:00 am CDT hour. 
 It always takes me much longer to plant things than I estimate.  Things get in the way, like goats being in the wrong pen, or Reggie the Peacock puts on a show for Veronica, the Peahen, and I lose precious time watching her ignore him.

Or Sven, the new kitten, distracts me because Merriwether is teaching him how to pounce and fight.  Sometimes, I lose an hour or two just picking burrs and ticks off of  Gunner's coat.  We use Frontline, but the ticks still get on him.  I can't tell you how many dead ticks I have removed from that dog's hide!! So, I guess the stuff works, in that it kills the ticks.  I want it to keep the ticks from jumping on him!

Lately, the ticks have been using Gunner for a ride into the house, where they look for better eats - John.  Poor guy is removing ticks almost daily.  I'm so tick-paranoid, that I'm constantly checking to see if anything is crawling on me.  

I think the guineas and chickens are doing a pretty good job getting ticks in the yard, but with nearly 80 acres, there is a lot of land they are not covering.  That, of course, is where Gunner wants to go explore.

Oddly, Buffy has never had a tick.  Neither have the goats.

Anyway, this is distracting me from the task at hand, so I should get off the damn internet and out into the garden.  I have baby cayenne peppers to plant, black beans, white beans, green beans and peas to get out and in the ground.

I also have some beautiful basil I started from seed - it looks wonderful.  I'm debating whether to plant it in my upper garden near the house, or down in my lower garden, where the chickens don't go.  I do not want them devouring my basil!!  

So, everyone have a lovely day.  I'll be back when the rain starts.  Need to make some eggless pasta to sell at the Farmer's market tomorrow.

Yesterday, John treated me to a lovely Mother's Day.  We went to see Star Treck, in the VIP section of the Phoenix Theatre at the Legends in Kansas City, Kansas.  I love the VIP section.  It's very pricey, but you have to be over 21, the seats are humongous, leather easy chairs and you can order drinks and food from the very nice usher/waitpersons there.  It's quite posh.

And it was even better because the movie was really good! Now, don't let physics get in your way with this one, just sit back and enjoy it.  It may be a prequal, but it leaves room for plenty of sequels of its own.

We did not go out to eat, because I got the stupid headache and fever that seem to be associated with whatever it is I am taking antibiotics for.  At least no more fever! YAY! So we came home, and I was in bed by 5:00 pm, and John made me an ice cream sundae for dinner. :)

The weather this morning is lovely.  My headache is barely there - just in the background - so I hope to get about 1,000 onion sets planted this morning.  When I'm done with that (after, of course, I feed, water and care for the birds, goats, horses and Buffy), I'm going to get my really nifty disc cultivator that attaches to our Polaris Ranger and disc the heck out of the nice garden area that John prepped for me yesterday.  It was plowed in the winter, and John has spent a couple of days knocking the dirt off the high points and leveling it all with the landscape box on the tractor.  Now, I just need to cultivate it a bit deeper, and I should be able to do that with the disc tongue set at a steeper slope.  

Then, if I have time, I'll plant, plant plant some more.  Seeds. Lot's of beans, peas, etc.

I also have a lot of plants to set out.  Brussels sprouts for John.  He loves his Brussels sprouts, he do! Cantaloupe, cayenne peppers, other stuff.

It's such a gorgeous spring morning, so bright and full of promise for a good day of working with the land, that you can't help but to thank the Good Lord for such a wonderful life. 

Elizabeth Sauls, of the Beaufort Observer, is my pick for most honest reporter around.  

Here is just a tidbit of her commentary:
Then Monday morning, Obama dropped another bomb – he proposed a $190 billion tax increase on American companies. You're aware that Coke has bottling facilities everywhere but on the moon and that may yet happen, if we decide to develop a program of some sort there. Anyhoo, Coke has plants all over the world and they are run by citizens of the countries they are in. For instance, the companies operate as local businesses in local communities across Japan. The workers are Japanese, the managers and owners are Japanese. The profits are, mainly, Japanese.

Obama and his cronies want to tax Coke for the money made in the Japanese market. That's 'taxes' as in 'extra taxes' as in 'we-want-more-of-your-profits taxes.' Coca-Cola already pays taxes in Japan for a product made in Japan, delivered to stores in Japan and sold to the people of Japan. Obama wants Coke to pay US taxes on top of the Japanese taxes, which will make the price of Coke more expensive in Japan and they will sell less.
You simply must read the entire article.  
 For two reasons, really.  One, we are having some friends over this afternoon.  They are bringing their two daughters to see the farm, and I didn't want John to have to pick up around the house by himself, plus, I want to give Willie a bath and saddle him up so I can give the girls a ride.

The second reason, I have had a headache for the past 24 hours, and I don't think I would have been nice at all to anyone at the Market! So, Wednesday afternoon will be my first market day. 

 I have moved all the chicks out to the Keetergarten, after making it more chick safe by adding a second layer of 1" poultry netting to the inside of the pen.  So the garage is slowly getting back to normal, at least for the moment.
The guineas have started laying - willy nilly - here, there and anywhere I find a guinea egg.  I'm going to incubate them all again this year, once I have about 30 eggs or so.  I think I'll incubate some of the duck eggs, too.  I'd like more ducks, but they cost over $5 each at the feed stores as ducklings! 

I'm also going to incubate some eggs from Darling, our very smart little bitty chicken, just to see if what she has learned about staying safe from predators is passed along to her chicks.

I'm pretty excited about a new farm implement John bought me for Mother's Day! It is a disc cultivator that goes behind our Polaris Ranger.  We found it at Feldmans Farm and Home in Bonner Springs, Kansas, several hundred dollars less than the exact same model at Northern Tool Supply, TSC and Orschleins. 

I can use it to cultivate the area I want to be my garden area - much easier than using the damn Sears overly-expensive and unreliable tiller that is only one year old and will not work!  If this disk cultivator works, I'm selling the damn tiller!

I'm sitting around waiting for the rain to stop, so I can go outside safely (there is lightening close enough that I don't want to be a target) and feed the goats, horses, chickens, Buffy and get the trash out!

Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to the Farmers Market tomorrow.  I'm on antibiotics and I'm not contagious, so if I have enough energy, I'll be at the Leavenworth Farmers Market tomorrow morning - bright and early! (ugh!)  

Well, the sky is looking better.  I'm off to check the chickens!



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The New York Times article speaks for itself.


Oh noes!

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 I didn't get to go to the Farmers' Market today.  I am sick, durn it! Some kind of flu-like thing.  Fever, aches, more aches, headaches, and worst of all, my gluteous maximus aches like the dickens!

Sigh.  I have so many things to do in the Spring.  I have plants that need to be put out.  I did get about 6 tomato plantes planted in my haybales last week, and they seem to have taken root just fine.

I have some cantaloupe plants that I started from seed that really, really, really need to be put out today or tomorrow.

Oh, and cayenne peppers - I have about 30 of those plants.  I love cayenne peppers - I can dry them and turn them into chili ristras and sell them at market.

Mrs. Duck laid an egg today - she must be back in the laying mode.  

We named the peafowl - our peacock is Reggie and our peahen is Veronica.  He has been dancing around here for days now, and she makes a huge thing out of pointedly ignoring his amourous advances.  Very funny.  Sometimes, he starts to dance around one of the guinea fowl or the chickens, and they just look might confused when that happens!  I suspect that Reggie and Veronica are getting it on at night, maybe.  They go off into the trees across the road and Reggie makes a lot of huge, noisey peacock calls.  It sounds like we live in a zoo!

Well, look.  I've managed to write three blog posts in a row! Maybe I can start again with all this stuff and stay with it!

 And no end in sight.  The weeds are doing quite well - some have grown 3 feet in 2 days!.  I figured out the cash register.  I am now going to make some informational signage on how good eggs from happy, free-range chickens are for you.

I refuse to call the free-range eggs.  I think of cartoon eggs with legs walking around, bumping into each other when I hear that term!

The chickens are free-range.  The eggs are not.

Weather forecast for tomorrow morning is ... yucky. Just hope I can avoid rain at the Market.

I refuse to buy a canopy for 2 months (after that, the pavilion will be finished, and I won't need one).

I think I'll take the Aztec tomorrow, rather than the truck.  I'll use a card table that should work.

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