Earlier sunrises mean spring is approaching!

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And that means, it is time to start some seeds for my garden.  Last year, I honestly did an awful job of seed starting.  I started too many of some seeds (fennel, for example) and not enough of others (Rosemary!)  I had all kinds of fennel growing last year, but no idea what to do with it - how do I sell it - the roots? the seed heads? the flowers? Argghhh.  So I left them in the ground.  It was a kinda odd crop for a Farmers Market in Kansas anyway.

I had absolutely no success with my rosemary last year - unacceptable.  I love rosemary.  It is a wonderful herb.  My hope is that I can get enough started and potted that I can sell the rosemary plants at the market in May.  I have to get a live plant license from the State of Kansas, but because I make next to no money on live plants, the good State gives the license free.  I just have to print out the form, fill it out and mail it in to Topeka.  If I can get a bunch of herbs started and growing nicely, I think I can get a much better retun on my effort by selling the plants than by selling the herbs seperately.  And no one else does that at the Market.  It might also be a way to sell my uglier pots - turn them into herb containers, and they suddenly look nicely organic!!

I'm still working on selling stuff on Ebay - I will go over to the old house today and gather up a bunch of my frog collection to sell today.  

And I have to go to the Post Office and mail a couple of things that were sold on EBay, also.

And of course, must take care of all the critters. Should be nice today - up to maybe 55 degrees!

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I should start some seeds for my garden, too. Maybe if I started them early, I could actually grow something. But I still need to get the seeds. And I need to buy a fence, since I am the only dog-or-cat-free yard in the neighborhood, so all the critters eat freely of what I grow before I get a chance!

A license to “sell live plants”? In an agricultural State?

You’ve got to be kidding me, Beth.

Why hasn’t every rural person, together with city folk with green thumbs in the State marched on the Capitol by now?

I had thought KS was a “Red” state. I must have gotten the wrong Kansas, Toto.

If licensing the sales of a few sprigs of rosemary (regardless of whether the license is “free” or not) is what your government is all about, and the movement to take back the government has to start in states like KS, all I can say is


I don’t need a license to sell the sprigs of rosemary, but if I am going to sell plants, roots and all, then I have to have a license.

It has to do with making sure people don’t introduce into the State plants that can become a big problem - like Kudzu in the South.

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