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Cold, snowy Saturday

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Rather than spending the day fretting about the Obamahell that we have been thrust into because of the MSM's undying adoration of the President, I decided to bake some bread and plan a nice, yummy comfort-food dinner.

Brioche making its first rise.  I'm starting to chop up the onions, celery, potatoes, etc., for a chicken stew.  I think they will go well together. 

Honestly, when I'm cooking or baking, I am really quite happy.  I suppose that tells me I should do a lot more of it!

Update on dogs

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I haven't been blogging much - Kiki and Gunner were both injured by coyotes on Tuesday night, and much of my time since has been spent in getting them to and from the vet to have their wounds attended to.
John has the story of the battle here.

At least Buffy and the goats and the horses and chickens are all unharmed.  Gunner is reovering rapidly, for he is young and has no fear.

Poor Kiki, though, it having a harder time of it.  Being part bloodhound, she tends to walk around with her nose to the ground.  Unfortunately, because the coyotes nearly tore her lower lip off, this is not helping with her recovery, so she is wearing an Elizabethan Collar to protect her face. 

She is adapting to the collar - she has figured out how to steal the cat's food even while her face is surrounded by a huge cone of silence, and she can eat and drink with the thing on, but she is healing more slowly than Gunner, and poor John has to really fight her to get her to take her antibiotics (she is refusing the pill when wrapped in sausage or cheese or anything!)

Kiki cannot go outside except to potty, and this makes her sad, too.  Especially since it is snowing and she likes to try to catch snowflakes. 

So say a prayer that Kiki recovers quickly.  She is a good, good dog, and I want her to be able to run around with Gunner again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we continue to keep an eye out for any more coyotes sneaking around so we can shoot them dead. 


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Traditionally, people give something up for Lent.  I’m going to be different.  This year, I’m going to spend 4 hours each day of Lent in prepping the old house for a humongous garage sale and for putting on the market.  Two mortgages are a major pain in the rear!

I got a good start yesterday. Leah, one of Major’s sisters, and I cleared out half the living room, cleaned the floor and walls and today we will set up at least one table in the same area that we can use to display things we are going to sell.

Leah is very good at helping. When the garage sale happens, she is getting a good percentage of the proceeds, as I can’t pay her anything to help me now.

I pick her up at 10 am, and we work until about 2. Just long enough to make a dent, but not so long as to burn us out!!

After Ry did so much to help get John’s books from the old place to the new last week, I feel much more positive about the concept that we can actually empty the old house via Ebay, garage sale and probably an auction.

And that means, it is time to start some seeds for my garden.  Last year, I honestly did an awful job of seed starting.  I started too many of some seeds (fennel, for example) and not enough of others (Rosemary!)  I had all kinds of fennel growing last year, but no idea what to do with it - how do I sell it - the roots? the seed heads? the flowers? Argghhh.  So I left them in the ground.  It was a kinda odd crop for a Farmers Market in Kansas anyway.

I had absolutely no success with my rosemary last year - unacceptable.  I love rosemary.  It is a wonderful herb.  My hope is that I can get enough started and potted that I can sell the rosemary plants at the market in May.  I have to get a live plant license from the State of Kansas, but because I make next to no money on live plants, the good State gives the license free.  I just have to print out the form, fill it out and mail it in to Topeka.  If I can get a bunch of herbs started and growing nicely, I think I can get a much better retun on my effort by selling the plants than by selling the herbs seperately.  And no one else does that at the Market.  It might also be a way to sell my uglier pots - turn them into herb containers, and they suddenly look nicely organic!!

I'm still working on selling stuff on Ebay - I will go over to the old house today and gather up a bunch of my frog collection to sell today.  

And I have to go to the Post Office and mail a couple of things that were sold on EBay, also.

And of course, must take care of all the critters. Should be nice today - up to maybe 55 degrees!

Mondays are no longer days I dread.  When I worked at Cerner, Monday meant getting up at 3 am to catch a 6 am flight to wherever I was being sent that week.  I always slept badly on Sunday night because I was so worried about getting up on time and getting to the airport.  

When the darn company moved me to the group from hell, and I hardly traveled at all, it was worse.  I would stay up all night long tossing and turning about having to go work with a "boss" whose apparent job was to make my life so miserable I'd quit.  She was definitely in the top 3 horrible bosses of my life.  Beware a blonde female boss in a techie world - chances are she got there because she is prettier than you are (if you are a woman), not because she is smarter.

Now, I just worry about how I'm going to break even on this farming stuff. Or even make a little money from it.  

We had our Farmer's Market Meeting on Saturday.  The pavilion the city was to have finished in time for the first weekend in May will not be ready.  So, that means I need to seriously consider purchasing a canopy for the first couple of months of the market.  Canopies are expensive. At least expensive in relation to the amount of money I earn at the Market - my best day last year was $57.00!! Of course, I know a lot more this year, and they are allowing me to sell my pottery and my mohair fiber this year.

Not only that, but I also need to purchase a scale that is legal for trade to weigh produce on. And, I have to take it to get calibrated.  Scales like that are ... expensive.

And on top of that, I have to come up with $175 for my little space in the market for the year.

Because I don't want to be continually taking money from our joint accounts for this kind of stuff, I'm going to try to make some money on Ebay by selling stuff we just don't need.  But, with the economy in less than wondrous shape, due partly to the constant woo is me crap about the economy by the Liberals in the Congress and by the President himself, it's not going to get better soon, so the prices are somewhat depressed.  But, since this is stuff I never bought for investment sake, just stuff I liked, I suppose that doesn't really matter.

And then, I'm also working hard to get enough photos, note cards and bookmarks made to sell at the Taste of Leavenworth this coming weekend.  I am going to mat some of the photos, see if that makes them more saleable. 

So, if anyone wants to help feed the chickens - I still have a paypal button on my sidebars, and they chickens, especially Darling, the tiny little Seabright chicken who flys up to my shoulder when I feed the chickens, will appreciate it!

Yes, it's a disjointed post, but I have a lot to do!!!!

Acorn, the "Community Organizing Group" that President Obama graduated from, is actually breaking the law in front of TV cameras by breaking into foreclosed homes.

And yet, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, in their "wisdom" have given billions of dollars to this organization via the Porkulus Bill.

And yet, here I sit in my bathrobe, playing on the internet.  Bad Beth. 

Denizen Ry is staying here at the Farm for a few days, helping to move stuff out of the old house so we can get rid of that durn house!!  Unfortunately, after a day of working his heart out, he came down with the flu, and is hiding out in our guest bedroom.

Hopefully, he will feel good enough today to help me load stuff into the truck so we can take it to the dump and get rid of it.  John and I tend to be pack rats, and I'm forcing myself to just say no to keeping a lot of stuff.

Trying to decide if it is worth trying to sell my  frog collection on ebay - not live frogs, silly, froggy things. Things with frogs.  I don't have room for them at the Farm.

Oh, and speaking of the farm - the remodeling of the ugly seventies bathroom is proceeding nicely!!  It will be a couple of weeks before it is done, but wow, getting all those advocado green fixtures out of the house seems to make everything in the house ... happier. Brighter!   YAY!!

Last night, a very stong cold front moved in, and my joints hurt so much that John and I got in the hot tub, even though the temp was about 20 degrees.  It was funny, I stayed in the 103 degree water with as little of my head being in the cold as possible and still be able to breathe.  It was windy, so a challenge to jump out of the hot tub and race into the house at the lowest velocity winds possible. 

But the soak in the tub really took away the pain, and I was able to sleep all the way thru the night.  A good thing!

Honestly, this video, by Sue Macniven, has better advice than anything I learned in the class so far as understanding how to make the wheel draw in your spun yarn and not break it - all about the tension.  Sue also gives exercises on how to use the treadle to make the wheel spin in the direction you want it to spin in.  She is very much a no-nonsense, yet great teacher, spinner.

So if you want to learn how to use your wheel ( I believe she is also using an Ashford Traditional, like mine), these are great videos to watch.

As I continue to try to learn to spin mohair, wool, whatever into nice yarn, I have found that there are some great You Tube videos that have actually helped me quite a bit more than the expensive class I took at Yarn Barn in Lawrence.  An added plus is that the people on You Tube are not at all snobby about how declasse’ your spinning expertise may be.

I have a few favorites on You Tube.  There is a young woman named Patty Moreno, The Garden Girl, who can do EVERYTHING!!!  She had pygora goats, chickens, an awesome garden.  She spins wool, cooks, knits, you name it!!!  I have watched many of Garden Girl’s videos, and I highly recommend them for their great production values, her easy-going explanations and because ya just gotta like this girl.  Here is one in a series of three on how to make scarves out of handspun yarn.  It’s quite good.

By the way, Patty is using the same spinning wheel that I have.  An Ashford Traditional.  If you want one, do check on Ebay for a good used one.  I got one in great shape, and it cost about one to two hundred dollars less (even with shipping from Australia!) than I could buy a new one here in the States.

Don't you just love how a man who never worked a day in his adult life in the private sector knows how to get jobs created?

Hillary, can't you get Bill to go away and find a bimbo to keep him busy?


You know, just a few days after President Obama was inaugurated, a unicorn arrived in the dead of night here at the Farm at Castle Argghhh!!!

The lovely unicorn was to stay for just a few days.  And yet, she is still here. In fact, I'm paying for her feed and I'm becoming responsible for this unasked-for unicorn lass.

At first, we milked her because she was so full of milk, but that soon became tiresome, as she demanded more and more of our time and attention.  Finally, her milk is drying up.

But she is pooping.  Everywhere! Why do I have to clean up her poop?  Is that my job?

How long will we all be cleaning up unicorn poo?  For all of Obama's tenure as POTUS?  For years beyond?

Seems we didn't get any good things with this unicorn - she is a bit of a poseur.

And yes, I still need to upload a photo of her.  She is not quite the unicorn we were promised.


Yup.  A New York Muslim who wanted to let the world know how "peaceful" Islam really is by starting a TV Channel, beheaded his wife.  In New York - in the UNITED STATES!

Where the hell is the outrage?

Is President Obama going to speak to the horrors of "honor" killings?

I'm waiting.

I love this guy

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I did manage to get the big hen house completely cleaned out, treated with anti-lice stuff and DE and I started a new compost pile with all that was in it.

I did not get around to painting it, as the temp was just not high enough, but that is no biggy.

Buffy has recovered from being spayed and is back out living with the goats again.

Still waiting for baby goats to be born.

I had no trouble starting the tractor at all yesterday.  Got a lot done.  

On Monday, I threw pots on my wheel.  They are still pretty wet, so I cannot trim them yet, so I might just go ahead and throw more today.  It is ugly outside, so it will be a good day to do that, or to finish assembling my spinning wheel.

It is snowing! Hope it sticks!!

EU recognizes new party dedicated to ‘a culture embracing life’

Libertas founder Declan Ganley said the party is now recognized in all 27 EU countries, the Irish Times reports. The recognition of Ganley’s new party was delayed after a member of the Estonian national parliament was erroneously reported to have denied signing papers asking for recognition of the party.

Libertas, Latin for “Freedom,” has been the motto of the Christian Democratic parties in Europe. The Libertas Party’s website describes the party as “a pan-European political movement dedicated to creating a new, democratic, accountable and open European Union.”

Stating the belief that Europe has “limitless potential,” the party calls for European cooperation in translating shared values into an “ambitious vision.”

“Europe does not work together at this time,” the Libertas Party web site charges. “It is divided into an elite holding all the power, and the rest, who are critical, but powerless. We want to transform that widespread criticism, harness the power that motivates it and change Europe.”
“Libertas stands for individual freedom, democracy, and a culture embracing life. We stand for tolerance and for the belief that every citizen has rights and limitless potential.”

I hope that Libertas does well in elections in Europe. Maybe it will encourage Americans to not give up on our personal freedoms.

I'm proud that my senators from Kansas, Brownback and Roberts, have continued to support a more conservative way of spending our money.

The Democrats have forgotten that they are our servants, that tax money is money the government takes from us - we have no choice but to vote the bastards out in 2010. 

Anyway - I wrote both of my senators this morning - this is what I sent them:

Hi, Senator Brownback (Roberts),

Please do what you can to filibuster this enormous pork-laden bill that Senator Reid, Rep. Pelosi and President Obama are trying to shove down the throats of the American People.

You know how hard it is to undo bad law once it has been enacted and signed into law. No one has had time to even read the entire thing yet. Besides, Reagonmics works, we should be getting huge tax cuts, not huge spending bills.

I think you are doing a great job. Please continue to do so to protect the values of Americans.


Beth Donovan

We are having our usual mid-winter thaw right now.  Yesterday, it got up to 60 degrees, and after many, many months of waiting for a warm day without gale force winds, Major got the roofing  put on the hen house.  And he did a great job.

Today, I shall endeavor to finish the paint job never finished by someone who got bored doing it.  And then, I want to put up some trim pieces to make it look nice.
Oh, and I also need to get the tractor started to get some round bales out to the horses.  Major has trouble starting it.

Buffy was spayed a couple of days ago.  She has to stay quiet for 7 days.  yeah, that means she is in the house.  We have to walk her nearly every 15 minutes, or so it seems.  She is sleeping on the bed with us, and was kicking me so much last night that I dreamt a bunch of Muslim women were throwing their shoes at me because I am not a fan.

Darling, the tiny chicken, has built her own little nest under the hen house.  She has many eggs there, but I don't know if she will be able to hatch any due to the frigid weather we have been having.  She is definitely broody, though!  She pops out of from under the henhouse once or twice a day, and she flies to my shoulder to get a ride above the big hens to get some chicken scratch.  I let her sit in the bucket of feed while I walk back to the hen house so she can get her fill without having to fight off the behemoth chickens who are clamoring for their fair share.

I have to do a bunch of photography stuff.  I'm going to try to sell my photos at The Taste of Leavenworth on Feb. 28th.  So far, it has cost me $75 for the table and two tickets to get in - so I better have something worth purchasing for the people who pay to go in there.  It is a charitable thing, and the excessive cost for will at least go to help the Leavenworth Historical Society - they really do some nice things with some of the old Victorian mansions in town.  I'm nervous.

I want to take some photos of some of the very old churches in the County.  Maybe those will sell as either note-cards or matted photos.  I dunno.

Well, it is after 8:00 am.  I can't bear to listen or watch the news right now.  This man we elected president is acting too much like a high school student council president for me.

He is selling away our children's future, and I'm furious.

Need to get my yoga dvd and start doing that again, or I'll just have an aneurysm and die from this craziness.

First of all, I am a conservative-thinking woman.  I am still a feminist - yes, I am a feminist.  Women should be able to compete with men in the marketplace and if we are doing the same job a man does, we damn well ought to be paid the same.  Unhappily, that is still not the order of the day in most corporations.  Which is why I am yearning to building my own business (or should I say businesses).

Now, as a conservative, feminist woman, I support the right to life, at both ends of the spectrum - conception to death.   I don't support the death penalty, let's just put people that bad into solitary confinement for life, and let them have reading material so they can reflect upon their sins.  

Abortion is an evil thing.  It should only be used to save the life of the mother.  Inconvenience is not a reason to kill another human being - science has proven that from conception, that tiny human being has its own independent DNA - this is not a part of the mother, but a separate human being.  I can understand that people make mistakes and don't want to carry a pregnancy thru, but as an adopted, conservative feminist, I would suggest that they do the right, honorable thing and give birth to their mistake and let a family desperate for a baby adopt him or her.

Yes, I'm a bit off track, aren't I! Anyway, Islam, and this is relatively mainstream Islam, believes that women are subservient to their husbands.  Subservient to the point of slavery.

It is okay for a Muslim man to beat his wife if she does not obey him.  Yes.  Muslim clerics actually advise Muslim men to BEAT THEIR WIVES - being careful not to break bones or mar their beauty.

A Muslim woman can never say "no, I have a headache".  She must always be available to the rutting Muslim male who is incapable of controlling himself when he wants sex.

Here is a very informative video from Memri - yes, you need to register, but it is well worth doing.

For those of you who don't want to register - here is the transcript:


December 24, 2008 Clip No. 2006
Egyptian cleric Galal Al-Khatib Explains Wife-Beating in Islam

Following are excerpts from a sermon by Egyptian cleric Galal Al-Khatib, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on December 24, 2008.

Galal Al-Khatib: One of the husband's rights is to discipline his wife if she is disobedient. What does the word "disobedience" mean? Disobedience is to leave the house without the husband's permission, to refuse to obey the husband in bed, to speak to the husband impolitely, or to do the opposite of what he likes. All these are forms of disobedience. Religious law has instated several measures of disciplining a disobedient wife. These measures must be followed consecutively. You cannot jump to the third measure before despairing of the second, and you cannot jump to the second before despairing of the first. The order must be followed. The first measure for reforming a disobedient wife is to admonish her. The husband should talk to her gently, reminding her of God, and reminding her that if she wants to enter Paradise, she must obey him. He must tell her that by pleasing her husband, she pleases God, and that his rights supersede the rights of her parents.


Okay, if admonishing doesn’t work, the next measure is "banishment." Some say that the wife should be banished from his bed, while others say he should refrain from having sex with her, although I do not agree with the latter view, because having sex is one of the rights of the husband, so how can he discipline her by depriving himself of sex? It's enough if he refrains from smiling and saying nice things to her, and instead, he gives her the cold shoulder, but he has the right to have sex with her, even during banishment.

Okay, he's tried admonishing, he's tried banishment – but nothing. Her emotions are numb, and she says: Good riddance. So what is the next measure? "...and beat them." Beating. The Prophet Muhammad said that the beatings should be light, and that one should avoid the face, or the sensitive areas, which might lead to broken bones, or might leave a mark that would spoil her beauty, whether on her face or anywhere on her body. Beatings that draw blood, or break bones, or leave a scar, a black mark on the skin, or any obvious mark, which would make people know that she was harshly beaten – this is forbidden.

How should the beatings go? Maybe a light slap on her shoulder, or maybe a not-so-light pinch, or a kind of gentle shove. He should make her feel that he wants to reform her, and let her know that he is displeased with her. It is like saying: None of the measures that work with sensitive people work with you. A word would be enough for any wife with lofty morals, but with you, words do not help. Then he attempts a new direction, appealing to her femininity and emotions, by making her feel that he doesn't want her or love her. When this doesn't work, he says to her: With you, I have reached a stage which is only appropriate for inhumane people – the stage of beating.

Beating is one of the punishments of religious law. What kind of people are beaten? Virgin adulterers, both men and women, are beaten as a means of discipline. Who else is beaten? A person who committed an offense and was sentenced by the judge to beatings. Who else is beaten? Someone who committed a crime. By beating his wife, the husband is saying: You've committed a grave sin that merits beatings.

No feminist should support this kind of bullshit coming from a "religion of peace" - in fact, Islam seems more like a man's "religion of piece of ass!"


And yes, MK is a friend. Doesn’t she rock!?!

I call bullshit

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Obama wants stimulus passed now or "we may never recover".

A far cry from Roosevelt's words stating that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Obama is making an unprecedented power grab.

He is carelessly, mindlessly, foolishly and partisanly threatening the entire nation that if he does not get his way THIS VERY MINUTE - all will be lost.

I call bullshit.

Where is the outcry and uproar from Libertarians, Conservatives, and sane Democrats?

I fear for our future because Obama is playing on the fears of people and it looks like too many people are buying his absolute bull shit.

I have work to do and money to make.

Discuss among yourselves.

I have called both my senators this morning.  Perhaps I should call them again this afternoon.

Please do the same with your Senators.

Because I’m a man, when I lock my keys in the Car, I will fiddle with a coat hanger long After hypothermia has set in. Calling AAA is not an option. I will win.

Because I’m a man, when the car isn’t running Very well, I will pop the hood and stare at the Engine as if I know what I’m looking at. If another man shows up, one of us will say to The other, “I used to be able to fix these things, But now with all these computers and Everything, I wouldn’t know where to start.” We will then drink a couple of beers and break Wind, as a form of holy communion.

Because I’m a man, when I catch a cold, I need someone to bring me soup and take Care of me while I lie in bed and moan. You’re a woman. You never get as sick As I do, so for you, this is no problem.

Because I’m a man, I can be relied Upon to purchase basic groceries at the store, Like milk or bread. I cannot be expected To find exotic items like “cumin” or “tofu.” For all I know, these are the same thing…

Because I’m a man, when one of our Appliances stops working, I will insist on taking It apart, despite evidence that this will just cost Me twice as much once the repair person Gets here and has to put it back together.

Because I’m a man, I must hold the Television remote control in my hand while I watch TV. If the thing has been misplaced, I may miss a whole show looking for it, Though one time I was able to survive by Holding a calculator instead (applies to engineers only).

Because I’m a man, there is no need to ask Me what I’m thinking about. The true answer is always either sex, cars, sex, guns, sex, Sports or sex. I have to make up something Else when you ask, so just don’t ask.

Because I’m a man, you don’t have to Ask me if I liked the movie. Chances Are, if you’re crying at the end of it, I didn’t… And if you are Feeling amorous afterwards … Then I will certainly at least remember the Name and recommend it to others.

Because I’m a man, I think what you’re wearing Is fine. I thought what you were wearing five Minutes ago was fine, too. Either pair of Shoes is fine. With the belt or without it, Looks fine. It does not make your ass look Too big. It was the pasta and potatoes and Margaritas that did that. Your hair is fine. You look fine. Can we just go now?

Because I’m a man, and this is, after all, The year 2009, I will share equally in the Housework. You just do the laundry, the Cooking, the cleaning, the vacuuming, And the dishes, and I’ll do the rest. Like Wandering around in the garden with a Beer, wondering what to do.

This has been a public service message for women hoping to better understand men.

Thanks to my friend, Terry, who sent this to me.

I realized this morning, that I'm not blogging much mostly because it takes so darn long.  i have too many things to do to try to surf the net for ideas.  

But out here in the country, we don't have DSL or Cable, the best we can get is Satellite - and it is very expensive - for TV, we pay $94 a month  - and that is with NO premium channels.

For Internet, we pay $75 a month -  and then, we have our regular phone service - free long distance in the US, for $65 a month.

We used to get all those together with Time Warner Cable for $105.00 a month.  We definitely pay a huge price economically, to live out here and keep the access to the outside world that we had in town. 

So, I really need to get going on making money.  I have sold some of my photos on EBay and Etsy.com.  I need to upload more of my photos to etsy.com.  I sold some notecards on artfire.com, but the only reason I sold those is that my bloggy friends bought some, not because someone just happened by my "store", loved my stuff and paid money!

On Etsy, it seems that there is a larger audience for my works - I'm going to put some pottery on there, too, as soon as I get my wheel and kiln moved to the garage, anyway!!!

I think I've gone a bit off track here.  Must go do farm chores - chickens, eggs, goats, horses, all that stuff.

Ah, the sun is rising and it is beautiful out, except for the cold.

And this is one of them!

Help Beth feed all those chickens via PayPal!

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

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