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Stop the Madness!

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Make a difference.  Call your members of Congress.  Just say no!  This bill is going way beyond the original intent of the bailout.  Democrat members of Congress are adding all kinds of money that have nothing to do with this supposed bailout - everything from billions, yes, billions of dollars to Acorn, known for their encouragement of voter registration fraud - to money for the arts, which should not be supported by government anyway.

It's easy.  It takes 5 minutes.  Call your Senators, your Representative.  If you don't know who they are, well, it's about time you did know - go to "Contacting the Congress" and type in your address to find out their names and phone numbers.

Do this for your children and their children, because they will be paying for this gargantuan boondoggle for years and years after you are dead.

One voice, when added to many, does count.

Write or call your Senators today and tell them just how hypocritical it is to allow President Obama to appoint a Tax Cheat to run the US Treasury (and the IRS, if you were unaware that the IRS is part of the Treasury Department).

Write or call all your Senators and your Representatives today, and tell them to stop the madness that is the TARP boondoogle that President Obama, the Democrats and way too many Republicans want to pass - a TRILLION dollars worth of pork. No, no a thousand times no!

This has got to stop.  It is absolutely nuts. 

The Congressional leadership of Reid and Pelosi is so crazy it is laughable - but the damn Democrats put them in charge, instead of more normal people.  So it is time to fight.  Time to get your friends and neighbors to understand just what this is going to do to our future and to our children's future.

For the first time in history, Congress and the President want to lower our standard of living, they want to take more from those of us who have been responsible enough to pay our bills and pay our taxes  to give to people who are irresponsible, don't pay taxes and will continue to vote for idiots like Pelosi, Reid, Byrd, Kennedy and of course, Obama.

Fie on them all.

A plague on both the Senate and the House - they all seem to be crooks.  Stop them.

Nancy Pelosi thinks that contraception will help the economy - what kind of a nutcase is she? 

And just wait until they start behaving like the Canadian Government and telling us what we can and cannot say about anything.

And yes, I am telling you all how I really feel!!!

"I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore" (extra points for anyone who knows where that quote came from!)

First of all, I think everyone should go and check out the revamped White House web site.  I find that the whole "Change Has Come" thing is really pushy to the nearly 1/2 of voters who did not vote for Obama.  It really bothers me.  But it does not bother me as much as Obama’s agenda - it will take time to go thru it all, but I’m slogging thru it.

I was looking for his agenda as far as gun right go, and interestingly, the search engine does not locate anything related to guns on the Whitehouse.gov site.  After much searching and reading, and a heavy heart from doing so, I found it hidden under Urban Policy, way down the page under Crime and Law Enforcement. 

I guess the new administration thinks that gun rights should not be under rural policy, or they are just trying to make it hard for gun owners to find what the ‘agenda’ is. -

well, here is the official gun policy of the new administration of change:

Address Gun Violence in Cities: Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent."


Oh, and please do go check my friend, Greta’s post on the same.

Thank you, President Bush

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You kept us safe for 7 years.  Thank you for all your hard work. 

I, for one, appreciate you.

Enjoy the freedom you will have now. 

I am a proud American.  I did not vote for and I do not care for Barack Obama's stated politics, but because this is a country with the best Constitution ever written, I can go on knowing that the country cannot be changed overnight just because a bunch of liberal Democrats are in office.  The Constitution makes it hard for one group of people in power (for a limited time) to make huge changes overnight.

Other countries with Parliamentary governments can make huge changes overnight - without proper consideration of all the possible consequences of such changes.

So though I am not pleased that with the help of a lot of really rich people and with the help of a besotted bunch of journalists on TV, Radio and in the Newspapers, Barach Obama will be our President as of noon today.  And yet, I accept this without hate or the Conservative equivilant of Bush Derangement Syndrome because I know that if Obama should go too far, in two years, the Democrats will no longer control Congress.

I also know that he cannot change our Constitution.

So I am now a part of the Loyal Opposition now.  And that's okay.  I can, because this is a wonderfully free country, voice my opinion here, on the radio (when I am invited by KMBZ) and in writing.

If Congress tries to pass something that wil infringe on our rights, we all need to get involved.  It will be okay.

Oh, and don't believe the bs about our economy being as bad as the depression - it's not.  It is not even as bad as the Carter years - but if we are not careful, and if we don't, with our rights to free speech and free assembly, protest peacefully any overreaching of the government when it comes to our property rights, taxes, etc., then we will get stuck in an awful economic mess.

And just say a prayer when you think about it.

I have my very first item up for bid on EBAY - please do go look at it, and please, make a bid!

Yesterday, I spent a ton of time trying to upload (from our faster than dial-up but slower than broadband satellite access to the internet) photos of my blank notecards made from, what else, my photos - to Artfire.com.

I think that the link to my "studio" is : www.artfire.com/modules.php

or this - http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&seller_id=17160

Hmmm. Not sure how that works. I’m still working on how to display things, and I have many things to add, including supplies like carded kid mohair for needle felting and blown eggs for egg artists.

So I’d be very happy to get any kind of feeback from you. I should probably also set up shop at etsy.com and ebay.com. Then I can compare which works best for me!

Last night, John and I were invited to meet with a group of Conservative politicians and political wannabees at the High Noon Saloon in Leavenworth, Kansas.  My first impression was of utter dismay.  The only person there under 50 was Ned Ryun, son of ex-Congressman Jim Ryun (who was also present), and the president of a new non-partisan conservative group called the American Majority.

Ned has a great idea - to build Conservatism from the ground up - find people and train them to be effective candidates to run for local school boards, and city and county offices.  Basically, to help to counter the Progressive initiatives that are doing the same to promote liberalism.

I think there are several huge challenges for this group in Kansas.  The attendees, some of which are already on school boards or have been in state politics, were almost hopelessly ignorant about technology.  Some of them were even just a wee bit on the whiny side, because they don't understand why there have to be all these different groups from the NRA to KFL.  Damn, we conservatives have got to get out of our little bubbles and realize that there are liberal pro-life people and pro-gun people and conservative anti-life and anti-gun people.  Conseratism is not a one-issue philosophy.

We need to define Conservatism ourselves, not allow the progressive definition of Conservatism as hopelessly out of date, unfriendly to minorities and women and afraid of change to be the accepted defnition in the world of politics.

And darn, we really need to teach people that Conseratism is a good thing for them, no matter who they are or what their circumstances. 

So, dear readers - think of what you might be able to do to enlighten people politely about what Conservatism means.  And think about running for office, or encouraging friends to run for office, and helping them.

Age is no excuse.  I'm 55 and I have a Facebook account (which I hate because it is too slow), a MySpace page (which I also hate - there are only so many hours in the day), my blog, and a Twitter account - the most useful of the Social Networks because it is quick and easy.  I'm no smarter than any of the other people there.

Just so ya know.  Read Mark Steyn's post on National Review

It's a great post.  And I must say, that after meeting Mark Steyn, when I read anything he has written, I hear his rather accented Brit voice (yeah, I know, he is Canadian - how the heck did he get that accent?) in my mind's ear.  

I am so appalled at the calls by American Muslims (I assume they are US Citizens) in a Ft. Lauderdale protest telling Jews that they should "go back into the oven".  (See Tom Trento's video and then read some of the incredibly hateful comments - a lot of these people are not only anti-Semetic, but they are anti-Christian, and some so-called Christians, blame it all on Catholics!)

And please, do keep up with Pam Geller's blog.

Wow.  Now that I am actually doing some professional photo stuff, (in that I’m getting paid!), I bought a very high-quatlity
Canon Pixma Pro9000> It does a marvelous job, as it has 8 separate ink colors (which are really dyes).

I am also experimenting with different photo papers - Oh. My. God. (to quote Rachel Lucas). There is a huge, huge difference in the quality of the color from one type of paper to another.

For the truest colors, you gotta pay more for a professional quality paper.

I will need to test more brands, methinks, to decide what is best for what purpose! I will tell you, photo paper with a price of $15 or so for 100 pages will sorely disappoint you!

Though it might be okay for other applications - maybe calendars?

This is part of an upcoming documentary

Oh. Joy.

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I am very afraid.  Obama said that the ONLY thing that can fix the economy is THE GOVERNMENT.

This is very scary.

Eleven years ago today, John and I got married at the Leavenworth County Courthouse.  Andy was our Best Man and our friend, Debbie Carpenter was our other witness.  It was very sparsely attended.  It was January, after all, and snowy.  So none of John's family was able to attend, and I only have one sister, who lives in Buffalo, so she could not attend either.

Secretely, I suspect that some people thought we would not last.  Well, so far, we have proved any and all naysayers wrong.  I still love John with all my heart and soul, and John still loves me, too.

Thank you, John, for putting up with me for the past 11 years.  Happy Anniversary! Things only get better and better every day.

I love you, Handsome!

Baking Day

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Today, I'm baking.  First thing - caramel nut rolls.  John is going to take them to work tomorrow to gauge reaction of co-workers.  If they love them, I will make them for the Famers Market, if not, on to a different recipe.

Then, egg noodles - got to use these eggs up - making pasta and dehydrating it is a good way to do that.  I'm going to use my friend's dehydrator.

If I have time, I will make chocolate bread, and I will post the recipe!

I support Israel. I believe Israel has every right to bomb Hamas to Hell.  Hamas is a terrorist organization, despite what too many in the MSM state.  They are not freedom fighters.  Hamas wants to cause the end of Israel.  There is no way anyone should be supporting them.  The US needs to support Israel fully to help them in their fight against terrorism.

I am somewhat concerned about how President Obama is going to try to behave.  He has an awful lot of anti-Semitic friends in his past (Farrakhan and his hateful ex-preacher).  I hope he can rise to the level of moral virtue to understand that the US has a duty to stand besides Israel.

I want to do too much! I want to make pottery stuff, do photography stuff, sewing stuff and fiber stuff.  Oh, and there is cooking stuff and gardenting stuff, and all the animal care stuff.

And on top of all that, I have to at least attempt the housework stuff.

I need to focus, and myabe even make a {shudder} List of stuff to do each day {double shudder}.

So, I have been looking at a lot of my photos, and I think that printing them as blank notecards would be a way to sell my work.  So, I have been checking the prices on several on-line photo developers - from Exposure Manager (where I store all my photos) to Walmart and everything in between.

Basically, unless you want to purchase a full dozen of one design,  the cost per card approaches $1.50 each.  Now, if I want to sell 4 cards (with envelopes) for something like $6.00, there is really not enough profit to make it worthwhile - it is not like I would be selling hundreds of cards or anything!

I’ve been doing some searches trying to discover what other photographers and artists do to sell their work as notecards and I was somewhat surprised that many of them do it themselves with their good ink jet printers on good card stock.  Hmmmm.  I need to research this!

I think these photos would make nice notecards - what do you think?  Honestly, now, don’t pull any punches!

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