December 15, 2004

Spirit of America Blog Challenge

This is a wonderful cause - helping the Afghani and Iraqi people. Please think about giving $5 or $10 to The Spirit of America. These fellow bloggers have the scoop on why you should give a bit to Spirit of America:

Dean Esmay

Cowboy Blob


Donate here:

And thank you, everyone, who has already donated to Spirit of America!

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December 12, 2004

Spirit of America Blog Challenge

I have been lax in my reporting of the Spirit of America Blog Challenge the past few days. Between bad internet access in my hotel in Oklahoma City and trying to get the cat pee smell out of my dryer here at home, blogging of any kind has been way down on my list of priorities. However, this fundraiser is very important. This is a way that our troops can get school supplies to children, sewing machines to women and tools to men in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Baldilocks - well, you just have to go read her post, it's great.

Jack has been checking out our blog competition. As you know, Jack is living in France these days, and he has run into some of the Northern Alliance folks there.

Caltechgirl has a fantastic story about all the great things that Spirit of America is doing and how you can help.

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December 07, 2004

Mom's tired, and has crappy access... she's asked me to blog for her. Whee! I love it when I get to play with the computer! Usually I just sit on the chair and watch Mom and Dad play with their computers.

Sometimes I lay down on the shelf (mmmm, warm, over the monitor!) that Dad built for us me.

Now what was I doing... oh, yeah!

Mom told me there are bad, evil people, called the Northern Alliance, who hurt kitties. Brrrrrrr. Mrrrrroooowwwwwllll! Grrrrr! That makes me mad!

Who is this Lileks creature? What's a Hewitt? Are they tasty? Are they crunchy? Will they wiggle on the way down when I swallow them? Do they have tails? I like it when they have tails, you can play with them then, and watch them try to run away! Hee hee hee hee. Of course, I only let them go to trap them again!

Anyway - Mom says these guys are bad, and you should go visit the Cool Blue Blog and he'll tell you all about it. And there's this guy, called SGT Hook or something (I don't know all the military crap Dad's always throwing around like some know-it-all) who is all about something called "American Spirit" or something. I dunno what that means, but Mom thinks it's cool.

So, anyway, Mom asked me to tack these two things up here, and said you all would know what to do with 'em. This human stuff is too weird for me - but if it saves kitties - I'm for it!

Give via the Fighting Fusileers of Castle Argghhh!

$4245 raised to date! Thank you, each and every one!

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December 05, 2004

Spirit of America

Please consider donating the cost of a beer or a pack of cigarettes or whatever to Spirit Of America.

Just click on this icon:

And feel good about yourself.

Do not, I repeat, do not click on the Northern Alliance Button. Geoffrey is spreading rumours about their . eh . honesty.

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December 04, 2004

The Spirit of America Blog Challenge

Spirit of America is a great way that you and I can help to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are several groups of bloggers who are competing to bring in the most donations to Spirit of America. The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom do not have radio shows or newspaper columns. We are normal, everyday people. We are also great bloggers! As Puddle Pirate illustrated yesterday, the Northern Alliance is a bunch of losers! And we shall overcome those Northern Alliance 'bloggers' with your help.

These are the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom:

You can join the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom here:

Compare the Northern Alliance to the Democrat Party of this past election cycle. They have some big names that bring in a ton of money to start out with (I have heard rumuors that Hugh Hewitt is best pals with George Soros and that is where their big donations came from), and they talk like they are going to win ... but the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom are true patriots and will come out winning in the end!

I have also heard rumours that James Lileks eats a kittycat everytime someone donates money via the Northern Alliance.

We at the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom are kittycat friendly. When you donate to Spirit of America by clicking on this:

You save a kitty!

Remember - Northern Alliance - bad for kittycats:


Fighting Fusileers - we love kittycats!

Many thanks to Cowboy Blob for catching Lileks in the act!

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December 03, 2004

Spirit of America Blog Challenge

Ben illustrates why you should give to Spirit of America here.

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December 02, 2004

Spirit of America Blog Challenge

Dean Esmay has a post on how Spirit of America is helping us win hearts and minds in Iraq.

Go to Dean's World, read and donate!

The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom:

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November 30, 2004

Spirit of America Blog War!

Oh, gosh, John needs blogs and commenters to sign up for the newest Spirit of America challenge - click the poster to join:

It's late. The blogwar has started and we're behind - but what the heck, every little bit helps! (Yes, I am quoting verbatim from my spouse's blog)

Donate here:

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April 30, 2004

Spirit of America - Today's tally

I just checked at the Spirit of America Heroes of the Blogosphere Challenge to see what the results were now - Everyone did an incredible job!

Blog / Coalition Amount Raised:

Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! $26597.39

The Victory Coalition $18910.44

Liberty Alliance $9884

That is over $55,000 !!!

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April 28, 2004

Bidding is closed

Gracie won the airline tickit with a donation of $150. As soon as I get an email from her with her address and receipt from Spirit of America, I will have John mail her the ticket.

Gracie, you can reach me at - naturally, delete the nospam part!

Thank you for your donation!

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This has been kind of a tough week here in Houston. I have been going to class from 8:00 am to 5:30 every day. I developed a sty in my eye the other day, and my allergies are driving me nuts. I had to run down 9 flights of stairs barefoot early Sunday morning when some kid pulled the fire alarm. I forgot my diuretic, so my ankles look like pillows. The humidity makes my knees and ankles and elbows hurt like heck, and I have to be the very best whiner I know!

However, my week has been nothing compared to our military guys and gals in Iraq. I can't imagine what they go through every day. We have to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people so they will stand with us against the terrorists. One the the way I can make a difference is by donating to Spirit of America. You can make a difference, too. Just click on the link below and give what you can to Spirt of America - your money will be well spent, and it is tax deductible, too.


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April 27, 2004

Another Auction for SoA!!!!

SondraK has a very interesting item up for auction at her place: Knowledge Is Power: CALL TO AUCTION!

Many of us in the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom are offering up some pretty nice things to encourage you to donate to Spirit of America.
We are not the big famous bloggers like Michele and Dean and Kevin. But look at the power of the little guys! We are on top with the most donations given.

And I think it would be wonderful if we remain in first place.

We may not have famous cartoonists helping us out, but that's because we have it within ourselves to help our ownselves out!!!


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Please keep giving...

I have one more airline ticket (Southwest Airlines, expires in June, 2004) that I will give to the person who bids the most in my comments and can send me a receipt from Spirit of America that is dated after the time I write this entry (6:42 am, Central) on April 27th.

First bid - $50. I will accept bids until April 28th at 10:00 PM Central.

Click on the icon below to donate!


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April 25, 2004

Samantha won the ticket

Thank you for your donation, Samantha! I just need you to send me the receipt you get from SoA for the donation and your address, so I can mail it to you.

You can email me at

naturally, remove the nospam part!

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April 23, 2004

New Incentive to Donate to SoA

I've been thinking and thinking - what do I have of value that people would be willing to donate money for? And finally, it came to me. I travel a lot. A whole lot.

I have in my possession several roundtrip awards to anywhere Southwest Airlines flies. I will give away one of these to the person who bids the most (bidding meaning donating to Spirit of America).

Bidding will close at noon, Central Time tomorrow.

UPDATE: Bidding is Closed. Samantha has the highest bid.
Samantha, I will email you later today, when I get to Houston - I'm on my way out the door right now! John has the ticket and well mail it to you as soon as we get the receipt for your donation. THANK YOU!!!!

Please put your bids in my comments. I will require a copy of the receipt from Spirit of America before giving away my free ticket.

Bidding starts at $50.
Click on the button below to donate!


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This should help the Fighting Fusiliers for Freedom stay ahead of the other blogs! An Instalanche to Smash's Auction for SoA!

And, Katherine Lopez of the Corner on the National Review Online also gave us a nice boost!

Remember, this is all to help Spirit of America!

Update: Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation points. I'm a little excited here.

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