September 09, 2006

Unbelievable Europeans

When I was growing up, people remembered World War II. Every one's dad had been in the military during the war. I had uncles who were fighter pilots in the Pacific. My dad, as most in the military, never saw combat - he was in Hawaii doing Quartermaster stuff during WWII.

We were all very aware of the evils of Nazism and how the Nazi dream was to rid the world of Jews. (and Gypsies and Catholics, and gay people and imperfect people).

But I suppose it has been long enough that most people who were in WWII are dead or dying, and there are very few Holocaust survivors still alive to remind us what happened.

So, I suppose it was bound to happen - for some unGodly reason, there are people all over the world who are turning into anti-Semetic, evil, stupid people.
Even a bunch of architects.

I always thought that architecture was an art. I always thought that artists were more accepting of all people because they tend to be a bit on the different side themselves.

Boy, was I wrong. This lovely group of architects has demanded that an architectural firm in Israel be banned from a biennial competition. Darleenhas all the details.

Folks, please do not hide your heads in the sand and ignore the new anti-semitism that is springing forth all over the world. This is the path to hell, and we have to stop it.

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June 16, 2006


I don't *ever* want to hear about the "violent" American Society after reading this:

Two football fans have been shot dead in Thailand for cheering too loudly during the World Cup.

The pair were watching Italy's 2-0 win over Ghana on Monday at a restaurant at the Thai beach resort town of Pattaya.

They roared when Italy scored their first goal and a man at a nearby table asked them to quieten down.

A heated argument followed and the man pulled out a handgun and shot the football fans at point blank range.


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December 01, 2005

stream ..

I really don't like Jessica Simpson.

Insomnia sucks. Colds suck too.

Why did Avis give me a bright yellow Chevy Cobalt? Who has heard of a Cobalt?

Need coffee.

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November 07, 2005

Oh Crap

Oh, damn. I have dreaded this moment.

People from California are moving here. To the midwest - the Great Fly Over states that the Coasters love to mock.

GO AWAY! There is nothing to see here. Don't come here and raise housing prices.

Don't move here and tell us that we should live like you did on the Coasts.

I like it the way it is - the fewer people here the better!

But if you insist upon moving into the middle of the country, please, don't pay more for the house you want to buy than the asking price - that will screw up housing here for the rest of us.

From the New York Times:

Today, the most popular destinations for people moving from Los Angeles and San Francisco are less expensive parts of California, like Riverside and Sacramento. Las Vegas and Phoenix also remain near the top of the list, but Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Virginia Beach and Oklahoma City are becoming popular, according to

In the Kansas City area, which straddles Missouri and Kansas, a small band of Californians are discovering the plentiful supply of spacious homes for prices that would not buy a shack back where they came from.

"They just walk in and go 'Wow, we can have space,' " said Sandy Tasker, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Overland Park, Kan.

According to I.R.S. data, the net population transfer to Missouri from California more than tripled, to about 2,200, from 2001 to 2004.

Guadalupe Osegueda, a 34-year-old ironworker who grew up in Los Angeles, recently chose Kansas City over the desert cities that have traditionally drawn Californians.

"I didn't want to go to Las Vegas or Arizona," said Mr. Osegueda, who lives with his fiancée and their two daughters. "Everyone is going there and the prices have gone up drastically."

The couple sold a three-bedroom house near Los Angeles for $450,000. They bought a four-bedroom house, with two kitchens and a swimming pool, for $185,000 in Gladstone, Mo., near Kansas City.


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June 16, 2005

Short thoughts on recent news

1. Gitmo - no terrorists have died as a result of the torture of being forced to hear music or exposure to women (clothed or unclothed). The USA has bent over backwards to give these evil men more rights in jail than they would have in one of their Muslim countries. The democrats who are comparing Gitmo to Nazi Germany are obviously continuing their hate America now campaign lead by How-weird Dean.

2. Terri Schiavo - It does not matter what the state of Terri's health was when she was killed by order of a judge. Most people who supported Terri's right to life supported it because she was a living, breathing human being, not because she might recover. Handicapped Americans, beware - you may be the next imperfect person whose spouse, with the aid of the Courts, forces you to die by withdrawing food and water.

3. Fred Phelps - I am a Kansan and this subhuman's behavior is just horrid and embarrassing. I declare him no longer a Kansan. He and his family and flock are not Christians, even though they claim that title. The best thing that could happen to them is to be shunned by the rest of society.

4. I do not care about ballroom dancing. Just as I don't care about singing or survivors. I really hate 'reality tv'.

5. Just because someone is a star, was a star or wants to be a star doesn't mean they have the brains of a dingo. Enjoy their movies, music or sports, but don't give credence to anything they say or do.

Time to go to work.

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May 16, 2005

100 Greatest Americans

Professor Bainbridge has discovered the Discovery Channel's new show where the audience can vote for greatest American out of 100 people listed.

Sounds okay, but the list includes such 'great Americans' as Ellen Degeneres - who is certainly a great comedienne, and Tiger Woods - a great golfer, and Joseph Smith - the founder of the Mormon Faith -- all interesting folks, but great Americans? I don't think so!

The majority of the other 'great Americans' Discovery Channel would have us vote on are celebrities, living celebrities.

Go read the Prof's post - it is very good.

By the way, I agree with the Professor's inclusion of Julia Childs on his list of Great Americans.

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March 03, 2005

The Death Penalty

I am against the death penalty. I know that many conservatives disagree with me on this, but too bad!

The Supreme Court's decision that children who commit crimes when they are 17 and under should not be executed is a good one. It is cruel and unusual punishment. Keep them in prison for life, but do not kill them.

I am sick of conservative radio and tv pundits talking about how great the death penalty is and how wrong they believe the Supreme Court is in this case.

I am also pro-life and anti-euthenasia. I am consistent. Life is precious and it is not ours to take away, except in defense.

I would like to see the death penalty abolished in this country. If one innocent person is put to death, that is one person too many, and with DNA evidence these days, more and more people on death row have been found to be innocent.

We should abolish the death penalty because it is cruel and unusual - not because of other countries think we should.

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February 17, 2005

Apparently Euthanasia is legal in Boston

This woman is not in a coma. She is unable to speak because of Lou Gehrig's disease. There is no talk of her being brain dead.
But because a doctor believes she is suffering, a hospital believes the right thing to do is to remove lifesupport and let her die a death of suffocation while she is awake and conscious.

We are not dogs to be "put to sleep" because we are suffering. Doctors should not be doing this - it is different if a person is brain dead.

From the Boston Globe:
Hospital plans to remove patient from life support despite daughter's wishes

Hospital plans to remove patient from life support despite daughter's wishes February 17, 2005 BOSTON -- Massachusetts General Hospital said it will take a 79-year-old woman off life support next week -- against the wishes of her daughter -- and this time a judge has declined to block the move.

Barbara Howe has advanced-stage amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, an incurable and degenerative muscle condition. She has been in a hospital bed on a ventilator since 1997. She cannot speak and can barely move, but remains mentally alert, says her daughter, Carol Carvitt.
"Her face lights up when you talk to her," Carvitt said. "I visit her four times a week, and my sister visits her every single day. You can see the eye move back and forth and her mouth starts moving."
The hospital went to court last year to get permission to remove Howe from life support, but probate court Judge John M. Smoot ruled in Carvitt's favor, barring the hospital from disconnecting her. But the judge also advised Carvitt to consider what was in her mother's best interest, not what she believed her mother would want.
Dr. Britain Nicholson, Mass. General's chief medical officer, said Wednesday that he ordered Howe taken off life support next week following an evaluation that determined her condition had worsened and she was suffering. He said he informed Carvitt with a phone call and a letter earlier this month.

Carvitt's lawyer, Gary Zalkin, went back to probate court seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the hospital from removing life support, but was turned down last week.

According to Zalkin, Smoot left Carvitt the option of renewing her motion after getting more information from the hospital. Zalkin said the family was reviewing its legal options.

"I'm devastated and I'm angry," Carvitt said. "Devastated because they're trying to terminate my mother's life. And angry because they're violating a court order."

The hospital said it plans no further legal action.

"This situation is very sad and enormously difficult for all those involved," the hospital said in a statement Thursday. "Everyone is focused on trying to do the right thing for Barbara Howe, but in this case, there are differing views about what the right thing is."

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February 15, 2005

Why Euthanasia is wrong

I'm in the airport waiting to board my plane, and I was surfing around the web - I found this article

Brain Damaged Woman Talks after 20 Years

Sarah Scantlin was an 18-year-old college freshman on Sept. 22, 1984, when she was hit by a drunk driver as she walked to her car after celebrating with friends at a teen club. That week, she had been hired at an upscale clothing store and won a spot on the drill team at Hutchinson Community College.

After two decades of silence, she began talking last month. Doctors are not sure why. On Saturday, Scantlin's parents hosted an open house at her nursing home to introduce her to friends, family members and reporters.
A week ago, her parents got a call from Jennifer Trammell, a licensed nurse at the Golden Plains Health Care Center. She asked Betsy Scantlin if she was sitting down, told her someone wanted to talk to her and switched the phone to speaker mode:
"Hi, Mom."

The human body is a remarkable thing. This woman, considered horribly brain damaged can speak again - go read the entire article.

It should make the husband of the Florida woman, Terri Schiavo, who is in the same kind of vegetative state as Sarah was, reconsider his desire to have his wife killed by denying her food.

At the very least, those judges who deem Terri's life not worthy of living should fly to Kansas and ask Sarah what she thinks of their ideas.

UPDATE: Seems I'm not the only blogger who sees the similarities between Sarah's and Terri's stories. See LaShawn Barber's post.

In fact, all these bloggers are blogging to help save Terri's life:

And, say a prayer for Terri. Killing her by starvation is absolutely evil.

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October 18, 2004

Monday, Monday - Can't trust that day

This is awful to say, but I'm glad that Mama Cass is not around to make me mad at her and quit listening to the Mama's and the Papa's.

Lately, I've been wondering why such talented musicians can be so fucking stupid. Well, wait - I have to admit that I never thought that Mick Jagger had much in the way of a 'beautiful mind' - too many drugs, women and late nights.

But, I am so saddened that Cat Stevens turned into a supporter of Sharia and Jihad - for goodness sake, I used to play his songs at Mass - Morning is Broken was a wonderful song for early Easter morn. (yeah, I used to play guitar at Mass - back when I was a stay-at-home mom and I didn't have to travel all over the place!). He once had such a gentle, loving mind before he was turned to the dark side.

Anyway, it's Monday. I went to work today and realized that since two people moved out of our group, two people quit and another is transfering to sales that I now have three bosses. We have three bosses and three not bosses (we are not called employees - we are associates, by gum!) How silly is that? I am also attempting to leave the nest, so to speak, and get into a special program - but who, then, will the three bosses boss around? They will be down to 2 not-bosses - and they are both virtual associates - I'm the only non-virtual associate for these three bosses to boss.

Fortunately, they are all three very good guys, but still, I feel the pressure.

Pressure - that was a kinda cool song!

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October 16, 2004

Team America Review

John and I saw Team America tonight. I thought it was pretty funny. Do not bring your children, though!!! Fuck is the word of choice to describe most everything. In fact, the theme song's lyrics are basically, "America, Fuck Yeah!"

There is also a marionette sex (which John and I found absolutely hilarious), marionette upchucking and marionette bleeding and body parts.

The marionette actors featured (Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, etc., etc., etc.) pretty much get what they deserve.

Kim Jong-Il has Cartman's voice.

There are dangerous panthers.

If you thing that vulgarity can be funny (yes, John and I still get off on silly bathroom and sexual humor), then go see it!

If you are a liberal pussy - too bad, so sad.

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September 21, 2004

Want a laugh - go to the DU

People in the Democratic Underground are thinking about leaving the country because Dan Rather caved in. Of course, they are all saying they will vote before they leave.

One compares himself to Ann Frank's family.

Another one says that Canada is too cold and doesn't know where he will go.

I would advise them to first try to find a job in the country of their choice - they may be surprised to find that jobs are much easier to find here than anywhere else, and that Americans are paid more, by and large.

I bet they have second thoughts about how awful the USA is once they get a load of living in another country.

Really, people, take a reality pill.

CBS and Dan Rather got caught reporting that forgeries were the real thing. Looks more and more like the Kerry Campaign was in on it somehow.

The DUers are nuttier than I realized.

Thank Allah for the tip!

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September 14, 2004


Whatever one may think of Oprah Winfrey's politics (and I mostly disagree with her), I think it was very cool that she gave her audience members cars yesterday.

What's kinda neat about Oprah is that she takes a personal interest in giving her money away - she doesn't just write checks to big foundations like other super-wealthy folks, she has her people search out folks who can use some help - who would otherwise not get any. These were not folks on welfare who got cars, but people who needed cars.

It's sweet.

But I still disagree with her political point of view.

UPDATE: Oprah was not being generous after all. It was a publicity stunt for Pontiac's new car, and GM paid for the whole deal.

So I take it all back!

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September 13, 2004

Just can't write anything

Unlike Al Gore and John Kerry, I want to sound reasonable and sensible when I rant about stuff. But I am so absolutely amazed by the hatred of President Bush demonstrated daily by the dimwitted Democrats, that I am pretty much unable to write about it.

You see, I have high blood pressure. It is under control because of prescribed medication, but when it comes to seeing, hearing or even reading about red-faced, bloated Al Gore calling President Bush names at the top of his lungs, my medication fails me.


Thank God that crazy man did not win the 2000 election. He tried like hell to steal it - and I do wish that the Republicans had demanded a recount in Illinois and other suspect states so Gore would shut up about being cheated out of the election.

I read what Gore or Kerry says, and I have to wonder what universe they live in - why are they so pissed off all the time and even more importantly, why do they insist that they have all the answers yet never ever present a sane plan to carry through their ideas.

All the Democrats seem to say anymore is - we would do it better - but they never say how.

What bullshit this is. Why can't they be honest with us? Why don't they lay it on the line - tell us just who they consider to be rich - just how much of my money are they going to take from me in additional taxes to do exactly what?

It is making me crazy.

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September 02, 2004

This is a quagmire

NATO peacekeepers 'unable' to keep lid on violence in Kosovo

ETHNIC violence in Kosovo this spring overwhelmed the United Nations’ mission and NATO peacekeepers to the point of near-collapse, says a damning high-level internal UN report leaked to The Scotsman.

The report, by a five-man team sent from UN headquarters in New York, paints a picture of a mission in crisis.

It says the 18,000-strong NATO force cannot currently maintain safety and security in Kosovo, adding that the UN administration is even incapable of providing security for foreign diplomats and for itself.

The findings have wide- spread implications for the UN’s so-called "nation-building programmes", from East Timor to Haiti.

The report focused on the response of the UN’s mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to an outbreak of ethnic violence that engulfed the province in March this year, the worst such outbreak in the former Yugoslav province since NATO and the UN arrived in June 1999.

"Many [of those interviewed] believe that UNMIK and K-FOR (NATO’s peacekeeping mission) would have collapsed had the riots gone on for another day or two," says the internal audit.

It continues: "Both UNMIK and K-FOR were overwhelmed by the events. K-FOR currently has neither the strength nor the posture required to maintain a ‘safe and secure environment’ within a civilian population."

That's how well the UN and NATO run peacekeeping operations.

No one is allowed to do anything.

Go read the rest of the story - that is why they should not take over control of Iraq (which is in the hands of the Iraqi people, anyway!)

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August 27, 2004

My Opinion on Things Political

Take this or leave it. Mean comments will be deleted.
1. McCain-Feingold is a bunch of hooey. The First Ammendment gives us all the freedom of speech - especially, politial speech. This stupid law that attempts to legislate who gets to speak when should be overturned or revoked or whatever. I would prefer the Congress spend more time figuring out stuff that really matters to people than trying to legislate spending in what is supposed to be a free country.

2. John Kerry is acting like Richard Nixon - he has his enemies, he is trying to ruin them (and may have ruined at least one of the Swift Boat Vets) and he can't bear that idea that not everyone agrees with him. Plus, he has a 'secret plan' for Iraq - kinda like Richard Nixon's secret plan for Vietnam. Richard Nixon also tried his hand at regulating the economy - wage and price controls - and drove us into a recession that lasted for years. John Kerry has not bothered to tell anyone exactly what he would do to improve the economy - only that he would improve it - and he ignores the fact that the economy is improving anyway.

3. We need to secure our borders. George Bush is wrong to want to give illegal aliens (yes, they are illegal) amnesty. They need to either go through the normal channels to immigrate here or they need to go home. I want every immigrant to have to go through a stringent security check before they are allowed to come here to go to school, to work, to live.

4. Low taxes are a good thing. John Kerry wants to raise taxes - he says on the rich, but just who are the rich, and since they are already paying way more than there share of taxes, why make them pay more? He would probably decide that John and I are rich, he has no idea what money means.

5. Islam is not the religion of peace.

6. John Kerry has told so many lies about his time in Vietnam for so long that I am sure he truly believes his lies are truth at this point. That could explain why he gets so pissed off as he is proved wrong, time after time. I bet they could give him a lie detector test and he would pass it.

7. John Kerry needs to sign Form 180 to release every one of his military records.

8. To those of you who are sick of hearing about Vietnam, too bad. It is a valid subject to discuss, especially since John Kerry won't let anyone forget about it.
What makes our country different from all the rest is that we have a Bill of Rights to our Constitution that guarantees us all the freedom to speak our minds. I am really upset that so many people are telling so many others to shut up about Vietnam. Just because some folks might not want to hear it, doesn't mean you should call the ones who do want to talk about it names.

9. This is the best counry in the world. Ain't no doubt about it. We got this way because we did not want to be like Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc. The individual's rights come first here, and it should always be that way.

10. Capitalism is good. Socialism is not good.

11. Poor people in this country have more than probably 90 percent of the rest of the world. With the exception of homeless people - who are very likely to be mentally ill - people living below the povery level in this country have more than enough food, clothing and material things like tvs, radios and stereos.

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August 11, 2004

Rambling Rant

I'm just gonna ramble on here, so feel free to completely ignore me.

Today, I read about how many leftists despise any kind of meritocracy - they don't believe that one should get any more money for working hard than a person who doesn't work hard. I found this article via The Corner- thanks, Ramesh.
Matthew Yglesias wrote :

equality of opportunity and the cult of the self-made man is an utter fraud both empirically and morally. Meritocracy is an appalling ideal. Being born with the inclination and ability to become financially successful is no more morally praiseworthy than being born with the inclination and ability to inherit a large fortune. It's chance all the way down either way. There are reasons to structure incentives so as to encourage a certain amount of hard work so as to increase overall prosperity, but this is a question of pragmatics not desert, and only worth doing if overall prosperity is being managed so as to cause widespread prosperity.

Now, I will be the first to admit that Matthew Yglesias is a brilliant young man, even though I disagree with him on nearly everything he discusses. I fail to find any sense in his reasoning that hard workers are not more deserving of merit recognition in the way of raises and awards, though.

Now, I'm an old fart - 51 years old. I graduated from a small Jesuit College way back in 1975 - probably before Mr. Yglesias was a sparkle in his father's eyes.

And even though I attended a small college (or perhaps because I attended a small college), I learned to think. We were required to have something like 16 hours of philosophy and 12 hours of theology to graduate (and no, it was not all Catholic theology and philosophy, though the study of St. Anselm's Ontological Argument was quite fascinating). We all joked that the Jesuits taught us to question everything.

So, back to the idea that people who put their shoulders behind the wheel are no worthier of merit than the self-described hippie I saw today on the Plaza with a sign that said 'help a hippie, give me money". (I swear I will carry my camera with me at all times in the future so I don't miss these opportunities!!!)

So, as I ramble on, these are my thoughts on 'meritocracy' -

Matthew says "equality of opportunity and the cult of the self-made man is an utter fraud both empirically and morally"

In 1993, I ended up a divorced, and therefore single mom. I had not worked for 8 years. Back when I had worked, I can't say I had ever had a career - first a social worker, then retail management - not much money, not much fun. Anyway, I cleaned houses for awhile. Yes. I cleaned houses - I was a house cleaner - I cleaned other people's toilets, floors, kitchens, windows! (perhaps that is why my house is such a mess now - can't stand to clean anymore!)
So why am I a fraud? Please explain this to me?
Now, my official title is "Senior Technology Analyst" (I'm really a consultant). My salary is much higher than I ever imagined I would make, and I am up for a promotion and another large salary increase next month. The company I work for truly rewards those who do a good job, and that is why good people stay there. Now, for those who believe that people end up doing well because they look good or because they have connections - you are all full of shit. I do well because I work my ass off and because our clients really like me because I am honest and true and friendly. (although occasionally snarky)
But Matthew thinks that giving merit raises to hard workers is wrong. I should make the same amount of money as the just out of college slug who manages to put in maybe 20 hours of true work a week.

He thinks that it is immoral that I earn more than a co-worker who does not work as hard or make as many clients happy as I do.

Just what would be my incentive to work hard without reward? Huh? Nothing, hell, if I thought I could get away with sitting around at home, throwing pots on my wheel and being creative with my stained glass and playing with my horses, dogs and cats every day, well, the heck with work. Let some other hard working idiot provide me with the wherewithal so I can be 'me'.

These folks really believe that we should all have the same amount of stuff ... no matter how hard we work. I guess that is why they are Democrats - so they can take as much as my hard-earned money as possible and give it out to starving artists who can't earn any money because they don't want to sell out their souls by working at a real job that pays money.

I believe that I appreciate what I have because I have earned it myself. I believe that there *is* a difference betweeen people who work for their money and people who inherit it or marry into it (Teresa and John Kerry come to mind)

I am immoral, according to those of Matthew's political beliefs. And I'm a fraud.

The whole idea that hard work is not deserving is so unbelievably absurd, that I just get the willies thinking about it all.


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June 03, 2004

Do 13 year old kids need this?

Like the future won't be stressful enough, these kids are stressed to the max just to spell in front of the world.

I feel so sorry for this kid who fainted during the National Spelling Bee.

Yahoo! News - Boy Collapses at Spelling Bee, Nails Word

Glad he got the word right, but gee, shouldn't he be out playing baseball?

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May 15, 2004

It's Saturday

When I got home last night, John picked me up at the airport - eventually - he was running late, and I called him on my cellphone to find out where he was. He was only a few miles from the airport, so I told him that I'd get my luggage and meet him out front, so he would not have to park.

I got my suitcase, camera case and backpack and stood outside and John drove right by me. Twice. Completely oblivious to my frantic waving, he drove by.

I wondered if I had been traveling for so much that he forgot what I looked like.

Called him again - finally he stopped (the third time around the circle) and we went out to dinner.

Outback was good.

Then we went home.

We had fun. And champagne. And a little more fun.

Today, we'll have some more fun.

But we do have work to do in the house and the yard - and I have photos of the elusive Esmay Family to download and post.

So I'll be back.

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April 13, 2004

There is too much to say

I don't know where to start. I am sickened by the left's insistence that President Bush is an idiot and an evil man. In my lifetime, I have never seen a president who cared more about this country while in office. How can the left be so bigoted and prejudiced? Is it because he is from the middle of the country? I suspect that is part of it.

As I watch the news conference tonight, I am appalled at the questions the press are asking President Bush - such as - why don't you apologize to the American people for 9/11 - good lord - as the President said, Osama Bin Laden caused 9/11, not anyone in the USA.

Then, another one suggests that contracters are mercenaries. Yeah, a guy driving a truck is a mercenary. All of these so-called reporters are unbelievable biased against President Bush and against those of us (the majority) who love the USA more than we love Europe.

It's too much. I agree with Lileks - it has become almost impossible for me to turn on tv or listen to the radio - I am so sick of leftists calling in and bashing the President, bashing the Military, bashing anyone who doesn't agree with them. My blood pressure must be at an all time high while watching our President, lawfully elected, stomped on by the Eastern elite.

I know that President Bush will never read my blog, but if he did, I would want him to know that he is doing the right thing in Iraq. He did the right thing in Afghanistan. He will continue doing the right thing in the Middle East. I would want the President to know that many of us support him 100%.

God Bless President Bush. God Bless our soldiers, airmen, marines and seamen. We are fighting a war on terror. We are doing the right thing.

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