April 22, 2006

Watch for this one . . .

The War Tapes. Interesting concept, should be out in June. Go to the site!

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December 10, 2005

Movie time!

Today, John and I saw the Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I thought it was very well done. However, I have not read CS Lewis's books, so I have no idea if the movie is true to the book. The cinematography was great - the animals were great, the animation was wondrous.

And, we went to a new theatre to see it. This is one of those movie houses where you can sit in a VIP section and have appetizers and drinks during the movie - the seats are leather, and are set up so you don't sit next to anyone but your significant other. The VIP section is the balcony of a lovely, very large, theatre. Now, it was expensive, to sit in the VIP section, but it was fun, and worth paying for from time to time - but definitely *not* affordable for our normal movie going habits.

I have heard that some people are very upset about the movie - they don't like the fact that C.S. Lewis (the author of the book) converted to Christianity. Some apparently believe that an allegorical story about Christianity will poison the minds of all the children who see the movie and turn them into evil fundamentalists or something silly.

But ... the fundamentalists don't approve of C.S. Lewis either.

I think it is a tempest in a teapot, to be honest. I saw no religious zealotry going on - and if there had been - who the heck cares.

Some people are so stupid about religion, that they don't want it mentioned in public.

Bah, Humbug! Santa - give those people coal for their stockings!!!

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June 21, 2005

Hollywood's bad year

There is a lot of talk about Hollywood's inability to make any blockbusters this season.

A lot of folks blame early releases of DVDs - more people like to watch movies at home, they think. Others blame it on the obvious lack of imagination in this year's films - how many films are *not* remakes or sequels, after all?

We go to a lot of movies. John goes to more than I do because of all my travels. But, since last year, when so many celebrities spent a lot of money and slandered President Bush, the Military and Republicans, this independent is having a hard time spending any money on those *stars* who made their ugly and uninformed political views known.

Just because someone can act and has become famous because of their acting ability does not mean that they have two brain cells to knock together.

So, I cannot go to any movie starring those people. They will no longer get my money.

Maybe I'm alone in this. Maybe I'm not!

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January 26, 2005

Academy Awards

How many of you have seen any of the movies nominated for Best Movie?

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

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October 17, 2004

Movie Review Time

This afternoon, John and I saw Shaun of the Dead. It is a very British spoof of Zombie movies. I liked it quite a lot once I got used to the Brit accents that are so foreign to my Midwestern ear. It's funny, yet still has a bit of the horror gross out scary scenes so the horror flick fans will be happy.

I give it 3 Mexican Margaritas!

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February 25, 2004

Office Space

After spending 12 hours in a cubicle, I got back to the hotel and turned on TV and found that Office Space was showing. Today, I feel like becoming Peter, if you know what I mean.

I do have a question, though - what the hell does TPS stand for? Toilet Paper Standard? Is that what those reports were about?
Or Time Productivity stats? Or The Peter Sins? Or Terrible People Stink?!

I'm sure there is meaning to the evil TPS Reports, I just don't know what the meaning is!

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December 19, 2003

Finally, I'm home

It's been a long 3 weeks - only 2 1/2 days at home in all that time. My plane got in right around midnight last night, or this morning, and John, dear sweet love of mine, picked me up. He does not like to wait around at airports, who does? But he takes me to and from the airport all the time just because he loves me.

I got up this morning and drove out to the Little Apple (Manhattan, Kansas) to retrieve Andy from KSU for the holidays. On our way home, we stopped at our wonderful veterinarian to pay off anything we owed her before the holidays (Nicki lets us run a tab, we have a lot of critters!). Nicki had Mickey's ashes for us, so I got Mickey, too.

Thru the years, I have had a lot of veterinarians, but Nicki Greene is a precious gift to animals and their humans. She came out to give me a hug because we lost Mickey (a few weeks ago) and this was the first time she had seen me. Honest to God, true tears came to her eyes while we talked about Mickey's last days and how much John had done to make her last days as happy as possible. She is as much a physician for our souls as she is for our pets. Dr. Greene cares as much about her patients' humans as she does her patients. A lot of medical doctors could learn from her.

So now, I have 5 little boxes of pet ashes. Some day, I need to think about where to put the ashes of our best friends. I have thought about throwing a special pot for each one, and putting some kind of likeness on the pot. ( yeah, I have a wheel and kiln, but no time). I don't know. They do deserve better than cardboard boxes.

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November 29, 2003

Dr. Seuss would roll over in his grave

The Cat in the Hat was a favorite read when I was a little girl, and when Andy came along, he had every Dr. Seuss book ever written. I read them so often to them that I had them all memorized. Often, when on a longish drive in the car, we would recite the Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham or the Dr. Seuss Alphabet.

Doc. Seuss rhymes and words were fun, fun, fun.
But in the movie there was none, none, none.
They ruined the book, they ruined it bad.
The film, Cat in the Hat just made me feel sad.

They created bad characters like Larry the creep,
who's part was completely unneeded, not deep.
and, where was this bossman within the great book?
an anal retentive who searched in each nook?

No rhyming, no cadence, no humour, no fun.
This movie sucks badly, just run, run, run, run!

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