December 23, 2006

I love to watch this

But I'd hate to have it across the street from my house!

Thanks to Beth at MVRWC for pointing out this incredible Christmas house.

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Blah, Humbug

I thought Maggie was my friend, but no, she tagged me.

Here are the rules:
Ok, this is how it works: The player (me) must list 3 things that I would love to get for Christmas. Then I must list 3 things that I definitely do not want to get for Christmas. Then I tag 5 friends and list their names. The one I tag needs to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes then tag 5 more people. They must also clarify all the rules. When you tag someone you need to leave a comment that says “you’’ve been Christmas tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

What I would love to get for Christmas:

1. A sparkling clean house!

2. A hot tub!

3. A sun room to put the hot tub in!

What I do not want for Christmas:

1. Perfume (I'm allergic to a lot of it)

2. More knick-knacks - I have too many now, and if someone gives me another, I'll feel too guilty to throw it away.

3. Another cookbook.

I'm tagging these nice women who will probably hate me now for doing this:

Kate of Electric Venom

Pam of Pamibe

Cassandra of Villianous Company

Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

BCR of Snark Patrol

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December 22, 2006

Bah Humbug

I'm deep in my annual Christmas funk now. I found this at Tammy's place, though, and it brightened up my mood.

Simon Sez Santa

Try a few naughty commands, you might be surprised (nothing dirty, but funny)

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July 04, 2006


John has a miniature mortar and he fired a bunch of Black Cats from it tonight.
Scared te pooches to death! Houdini is still hiding his head under the pillows of our bed!

Now we are watching the Boston Pops Fireworks display. They have a big barge in the St. Charles River that the fireworks are coming from, and even on TV, they are just beautiful! And John Phillip Sousa music - Yey!!!!

I wonder if Boston Maggie can see them? I just love Boston Maggie - she is so funny!!! And she flashes bars. Really.

I like Boston. What a historic city! The Back Bay Hilton is my very favorite hotel in the US - it is great.

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Happy Independence Day!

Today is our 230th birthday. The beginning of our country. The end of living under English Rule.

Happy Birthday, U.S.A!!!

I have many wonderful memories of celebrating the 4th of July with my family when I was a kid. We would start the morning out, bright and early, by raising the Stars and Stripes and saying the Pledge of Allegience.

Dad would ready the backyard for our annual fireworks display, and Mom would prepare food for the big neighborhood bash that we always had.

We probably entertained 50 people or more every Fourth with fireworks, burgers, hot dogs, tons of soda pop - mostly rootbeer, and for the grown ups, steaks and cocktails and beer - lots of beer! (my dad worked for a brewery, after all!).

The kids would all climb all over the jungle gym and swing on the swing, and explore the woods behind our house. If it was really hot, Mom would put the sprinkler on, and we could run through it. We were a bunch of browned little kids.

When the sun was still up, we would light 'snakes' on the driveway. We would throw "craker balls' at the ground to hear the pop.

Once the sun went down, the kids all got to light sparklers and wave them around until we got tired of them. Then Daddy would start the fireworks display.

We always had Roman Candles and fireworks that would zoom up to the sky and blow up into beautiful designs. We also had fancy fireworks that were nailed onto the trees that would make all kinds of designs. I know my dad spent several hundred dollars on the display each year - and back in the early '60s, that would buy a heck of a lot of fireworks!

Mom always had a birthday cake made for Independence Day, too. A big sheet cake, and she would put a small sparkler on it and light it as she brought it outside to the big picnic table.

Wow, those were such fun celebrations!

Now, of course, fireworks are not allowed in the city, jungle gyms are deemed 'dangerous' and the liability of holding a personal fireworks display would be incredibly huge.

But Independence Day is still a great day to go to watch civic displays of fireworkes, cook out and celebrate the birth of our great nation.

And in celebrating the Forth, don't forget to thank the many hero's of our Armed Forces who have given life and limb for the past 230 years so we can live in freedom.

For a more colorful post, go see my beloved husband's blog, Arrgghhh!.

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June 14, 2006

It's Flag Day

At 7:00 PM Eastern time, join in during the 27th Annual National Pause for the Pledge of Allegiance.

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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April 02, 2006

Good joke!

Wow, LaShawn Barber's post of yesterday has to be one of the best April Fools jokes ever!

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December 23, 2005

How sad is this!?!

I am number 3 on Google for 10 things I hate about Christmas.

I still hate it.

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July 04, 2005

Independence Day

I hope everyone enjoys Independence Day and realizes how fortunate we truly are that we live in this country.

Those of you who are convinced that we are heading toward facism - well, all I can say is the trains and planes do not run on time, the government does not control industry and we do not have any gulags or concentration camps, or anything close to them. Catch up on history. we are the most free people on this planet, and face it, that is what pisses off so many other countries.

We are celebrating the fact that we govern ourselves today. We are not governed by the UN or the EU or anyother non-US entity. And that is the way it should be and should always be.

Go read Glenn Reynolds' article if you have finished with your cookout and you are waiting for the fireworks. For a lawyer, he has a pretty good understanding of what Freedom really means.
I'm not going to post anymore today - perhaps tomorrow night, once I get to Phoenix.

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December 27, 2004

A day to recover

The Christmas weekend was better than we expected. Friday, when we got to Columbia, we visited John's oldest and best friend at his new store - a very fancy tobacco and wine store called Tinderbox / Vino 100. It is very nicely appointed and we made a few purchases. (even though I don't like tobacco one little iota, the wine is very good) Our friend, Kevin, has had a lot of bad luck through the years. I really hope that he has found his niche in the business world with his store and that it is very successful.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law were fun (except for the smoke) and my sister-in-law and her family were on their best behavior. Except for a few pokes at the high school I attended (St. Joseph's Academy in St. Louis) and my brother-in-law's ignorance of Catholic liturgy, I was pretty much left emotionally unbruised.

We drove home yesterday and I spent the rest of the day in bed trying to avoid a sinus infection (I don't do well in smoky environments). Breathing fresh air overnight has helped considerably, but I still have a sinus headache. Fortunately, I have today off to recover, and I will mostly take it easy today!

Hope everyone else has had a wonderful Christmas with their families.

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December 24, 2004

Still not ready!

Here it is. Christmas Eve. I still have gifts to wrap. Heck, I still have to purchase cards to put money in for the nephews and niece.

We drive a few hours today to go to Columbia, Missouri. I am tempted to live blog the entire weekend. It might keep me from opening up my big mouth around the very liberal sister-in-law, her husband and kids. I really want this to be a peaceful Christmas - just to keep my blood pressure down.

Don't get me wrong - John's sister is a very nice and sweet person. I like her a lot. She has a bad habit, though, of picking on my faith - I'm Catholic - I mean, golly gee - she is Episcopalian, it's not all that different! But she believes that abortion should be available for all, and I don't. So I promise I will not bring it up, and if she does, I will pretend to be totally deaf.

Andy loves to go to these family things because they can be such a soap opera. But this year, it will be different. I will be full of love and sweetness and thank zoloft for that ability.

I better get bathed and dressed and wrap those gifts and pack a suitcase, or they will be calling and asking when we are going to get around to driving the three hours to get there!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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December 02, 2004

Horrid Holiday Hogwash

Allan of Inside Allan's Mind made a very generous donation to Spirit of America and sent me the receipt before midnight last night. So, I owe him fifty reasons why I hate the holidays.

Some of the reasons I hate the holidays are due to the fact that I had the most glorious Christmas's as a child, and I can't compete with what my folks did and unfortunately, both of my parents are dead, so I can't celebrate holidays with them any more, except in spirit:

1. Santa does not wake me up with a jolly Ho Ho Ho on Christmas morning like he did for many years when my sister, Anne, and I were growing up. (true - I have pictures)

2. I can't find any matching pj's with feet in them that have a Christmas theme for both myself and John. (Uncle Nick always gave us those and National Geographic for Christmas)

4. No fresh, live Christmas tree with a root ball that we can plant after New Year's. (The home I grew up in had both sides of a large backyard lined with our past Christmas trees - We tried it once, the dogs peed on it to death).

3. It reminds me that we don't have a fireplace, so there is nowhere to hang the Christmas stockings (on the other hand, Mrs. Claus does not have to go shopping to find appropriate stocking gifts).

A lot more of my Christmas humbug is because I feel guilty that I can never live up to even my own crumby expectations of being a good mom and wife over the holidays:

4. I have to go shopping. I don't want to go shopping, nor do I have a lot of time to shop.

5. I have to go shopping for gifts. Shit, what *do* these people want?

6. I have to go shopping for gifts for people I only see once or twice a year. And then, I don't get around to mailing the gifts until March, if I'm lucky.

7. I have to go shopping for dresses for holiday parties. Nothing fits because of holiday parties.

8. I hate shopping.

9. I feel guilty because I put off shopping until the last minute and I email everyone Amazon gift certificates.

10. Did I mention how much I hate to shop?

11. We have to drag the tree out of the basement and spend hours perfectly placing the ornaments that the kitties will displace as quickly as they can.

12. Oh, golly, I should put something up on the front door.

13. That means I'll have to go shopping for a wreath.

14. I always get scheduled to go on business trips before Christmas. Next week, Oklahoma City, the week after, beautiful Bridgeport, Connecticut (don't worry, I stay in Milford - a little safer).

15. I should make Christmas cookies. I might manage bourbon balls (: (my mom made 13 different kinds of cookies each year - we spent days baking for Christmas and ended up with close to 20 large tins full of cookies for the holidays - always had a plate of cookies out for the family and/or guests).

16. I'll never get around to making Christmas cookies (see #14).

17. I should be working on my stained glass piece for my mother-in-law now instead of blogging. I started this piece over a year ago for last Christmas, or maybe the Christmas before.

18. I can't afford to buy John the tank he has always wanted );

19. Somehow, even with no cookies, I will end up fatter by the end of the holiday season.

20. I always fall asleep before midnight on New Year's.

21. Because of my job, I don't have the time to play guitar and sing at Christmas Mass. (used to do that when Andy was little and I was a stay-at-home mom).

22. There is always that expectation of a White Christmas - but here in Kansas, there is probably only a 10 to 20 percent chance of snow on December 25th - better that the odds in Florida, though!

23. I cry when I hear Christmas Carols and it is damned embarrassing. I can't even sing some of the carols without losing it - Little Drummer Boy, O Holy Night, Come All Ye Faithful.

24. I really hate the 'Christmas TV Specials' they repeat year after year - there have been some horrible animated films made in the name of Christmas, or at least in the name of Santa.

25. I'm sick of the Jessica Simpson's Christmas commercials. Ugh.

26. Too many people get pissed if you say Merry Christmas anymore - they want you to say Happy Winter Holiday!!

27. Someone will send me a Christmas card and I'll feel guilty because I don't send Christmas cards out.

28. I will invariably give someone a gift who has not even considered a gift for me, and they will be embarrassed and make me feel guilty.

29. I have to spend Christmas with lovely people who smoke incessantly. They have no no-smoking section in their house.

30. I will not be asked to contribute any food for Christmas (and I love to cook) because we live too far away from the relatives who smoke incessantly to carry food with us.

31. I will have to argue with my truly lovely sister-in-law about whether or not there are chipmunks in our yard. (she says there are no chipmunks in Missouri or Kansas - they are all ground squirrels - I have pictures).

32. I will have to listen the the snotty haughtiness of one particular vegan nephew who believes that everyone in the family are rubes - excepting himself, of course.

33. I will get mad because someone will mention that a particular niece (adorable and active and on the swim team, for goodness sake) is too heavy at dinner and berate her for what she eats.

34. I will spend the entire time worrying about our critters - some at the kennel, some at home.

35. Someone will brag about a particular vegan nephew and ask how Andy is doing in comparison.

36. The traffic will suck driving to the relatives house for Christmas.

37. The traffic will suck driving home from relatives the day after Christmas.

38. I will feel guilty because we don't visit the relatives often enough.

39. Then I'll get a little grumpy because no one ever visits us.

40. I will wear an entirely inappropriate outfit to at least one Christmas party - I'll think formal when it is supposed to be casual or the other way around.

41. My hair will not behave for an entire month.

42. I will feel really guilty because my sister and her family live in Buffalo and I have never been there and we rarely talk.

43. Someone at the family gathering will be sick and spread their germs around.

44. I bet I will end up on call for work over Christmas.

45. Someone I don't expect to give me a gift, will.

46. Someone will drop by unexpectedly, and I'll either be in the bathtub or the house will be a mess.

47. After New Year's are two long months of dark winter.

48. I won't live up to whatever resolution I make on New Year's.

49. It will take all day to take down the Christmas tree and untangle whatever mess our cats make up the lights and ornaments.

50. When it is all over, it will still only be 11 months before the whole thing starts up again - hardly enough time to recover.

Yes, I am a holiday ogre. I think we are all guilted into doing stuff we may not want to do and we are all supposed to be happy and joyful about it.

I cannot understand people who put up Christmas decorations in the middle of November and keep them up until February. I prefer to have a tree and decorations up from maybe December 22nd to January 1st - having the decorations and tree up for a short time makes it more special to me. I hate the pressure that people have to put up lights the weekend of Thanksgiving and I refuse to bow to that pressure.

Bah Humbug.

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December 01, 2004

I am not a holiday girl

They make me sad and depressed for many reasons. But you can cheer me up by donating just a couple of bucks (or more, if you have it) to the Spirit of America Blog Challenge.

John, my beloved spouse, has the details here.

Or you can just click on this cute Uncle Argghhh!! below and give SOA some money!

These incredibly wonderful bloggers are on our team! So go and read them. They are all better than I am anyway!

In fact, email me with your receipt from SOA for $5 or more at bhdonovan (at) gmail (dot) com by midnight tonight, and I will write an anti-holiday rant for you outlining the 50 reasons holidays suck.

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