May 30, 2005


Go read Steve's thoughts on Delilah's Blog Box. He actually searched for her real blog, which led him to some other DU blogs and their lovely comments on Catholicism, etc.

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May 29, 2005

Fact checking the DU "Blog Box"

I don't know whether to be amused, flattered or annoyed by the link from something called "Blog Box" at Democratic Underground. The writer doesn't really read very well, in my opinion. I guess I'll just fact check her comments that are related to me and my fellow Nekkid (Not Naked) Bloggers:

Naked Bloggers

Last year, everyone (including yours truly) was dumping on Glenn Reynolds and his army of pajama bloggers. This year, I'm hearing more and more about naked bloggers. Disclaimer: I'm not a naked blogger (not that there's anything wrong with it).

I started the Bloggin' Nekkid, Nekkid Bloggers thing nearly two years ago - in 1993, (way before Pajama Punditry became fashionable)so if Delilah thinks that Nekkid Bloggin' is new, she is sadly mistaken. John and I have been bloggin' Nekkid for a long time now.

And we are not "Naked Bloggers", we are "Nekkid Bloggers".

I'm not joking about the existence of naked bloggers among us. Not only is there a whole slew of naked bloggers out there, they have a Naked Bloggers Webring. They even held a contest to find the best Naked Bloggers' logo. And the winner is...

It is a Nekkid Bloggers webring. It is not a Naked Bloggers Webring.

And I must say, Eric created a great logo for the Congress of Nekkid Bloggers!

Seriously weird: the fact that most self-proclaimed naked bloggers are (are you ready?) right-wingers - not the "I love my body no matter what it looks like" liberals I was expecting to find blogging nekkid.

The one who appears to be the biggest crack in the buttcheeky movement, She Who Must Be Obeyed, calls Howard Dean "Dizzy"

Oh, for God's Sake! I wrote, "If it wasn't for the fact that Dizzy Dean was a friend of my dad's, I would start calling How-weird Dean - Dizzy."
I don't call him Dizzy Dean - I call him How-Weird Dean!!

... and links repeatedly to Huffington's Toast, a blog who's creator must secretly yearn to write for the Onion - but only excels at putting the "un" in unfunny.

6) Geeze, those folks at the DU have no sense of humour. None whatsoever. Steve does a great job of satirizing
Arrianna Huffington's silly blog.

Also unfunny (I mean, seriously unfunny in an "Armageddon would be fun" kind of way) is naked military blogger, The Gun Line, who thinks he's the new Dennis Miller:

1) Vincente Fox: Take your comments and shove 'em! Your glad-handing of the American "leadership" doesn't do a damned thing for me, pal. Clean up that rats' nest you call a country...

2) Newsweek: Thanks a hell of a lot, you lying bastards! How many American servicemen, and our allies have you put in mortal peril so you could sell a few more magazines?

3) Unappreciative spouses: The folks who sweated bullets trying to manage crappy situations under fire, in bad situations, far from home, who have shed too much blood, lost too many buddies, and now no longer can immerse themselves in the community that they have earned membership in The Brotherhood; why don't you cut them some slack? A little support wouldn't be amiss, 'lest they decide that you just aren't worth the crap sandwich you're dishing out, and DROPS YOU LIKE A HOT ROCK! There are PLENTY of folks who would give greatly to have such a stalwart life companion, so don't think that you're position is too bloody secure! You CAN be replaced! (No permalink for this post; Scroll down to May 16, 2005)

I don't care if this guy's buttcheeks are stuck to a chair seat or not, The Gun Line's idea of a "stalwart life companion" who can discard a "disrespectful" spouse so easily doesn't inspire confidence in his definition of "The Brotherhood," does it?

Apparently Delilah does not understand how to link. The link to the post she quotes is here.

As to her concern about discarding a spouse who is not living up to her/his end of the deal while the other is fighting for our Country - if someone cheats on a soldier while he is at war, that's certainly a fair reason to dump the cheating spouse.

Fortunately, not all naked bloggers are scary freepazoids. Cyn City is savvy enough to distinguish between George Galloway's testimony and the "hot air generated by many of our representatives." Random Fate asks, "How do you know when things are really spinning out of control and not just 'politics as usual?'" Random Fate links to right-wing (possibly naked) blogger Balloon Juice for a potential answer and finds that Republicans aren't happy little BushCo-ites anymore.

I didn't quite follow her line of reasoning here. Jack is a friend of mine and John's (Oh, my, can you imagine how the DU would freak out if she checked out John's blog - that would be hilarious). Jack links to lots of us from time to time, as we link to him.

There are many more naked bloggers doing their thing; however, visions of virtual skin alone will not lure me back to most of their sites for a second, er, peep. I prefer bloggers whose wit, intelligence, and humor leave a decidedly liberal bite mark. And that's the naked truth, naked bloggers!

Well, goodness, isn't she clever - using an oxymoron like that - I mean, really - I have met some intelligent liberals, but very few with a sense of wit or humour!

UPDATE!! As Roger so rightly pointed out - She got the name of my blog wrong!!
I have no idea how I missed that one! Thanks, Roger!!
And once again, Miss Delilah - we are NEKKID BLOGGERS!!!!

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