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November 24, 2008

Monday morning farm report

Here is my promised update on yesterday's accomplishments.

1. there is now lighting in the hen house that should encourage the birds to start laying again.

2. I made one nesting box out of an old plastic storage bin (not clear, they like their privacy, don't ya know!) and some scrap wood.

3. I discovered a hidden nest they have been laying eggs in. It is in the barn, the little sneaks, they are not supposed to hang out in there. So, I marked the eggs in the nest (I have no idea how old they might be, so they will be decoys) and now, if any of them lay there, I'll know the fresh eggs from the decoy eggs. I figure this counts as a nesting box, so I got two finished!

4. I decided to start a blog devoted to the farm and all the activities based on the farm. I will probably be writing there more than here, unless I get really riled up about something that I cannot relate to life on the farm.

So, the big reveal is now - The Farm at Castle Argghhh!!!, My new blog!

Posted by Beth at November 24, 2008 6:45 AM