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November 4, 2008

Interesting thoughts from a Polish friend

My photographer friend, Jordan, sent me this email tonight:

Dear Beth.,

I keep my ′fingers crossed for America - in so important day

how it will look America for several hours ? I reflect . I do not know which choice will make americans. On its own manner every choice will be good. Because this is the democratic choice - and free election this is a holiday of the democracy. But , in a way , dead me which polarization followed. Just OK , such rights of the democracy. But is still another thing which gets on my nerves lately . The lack of the objectivism of media. They made their own hero the only one person. And where I will not look - there He is.. I open the newspaper - only about Him , open TV set - He, I am going with the street - I see his posters - even I approach to the refrigerator - I see his label. I already fear this refrigerator to open - because I seem that soon he will jump out. It is some madness and the madness. My starting page ,at my PC is Yahoo.com - whether I do not want, I begin the day from crying titles with their hero name, as not He - it is his family.- funny little bit .. .

tell me how you live these hours of elections ? How opinions your nearest environment? I am very interested.

. Of course I am working with my photography - I must even boast that last week Prime Minister of Poland bought from me 10 large sizes of photos ( the second time - as year before too).

I run to the television set that to check last results ! - if all they voted so as in
kentucky ....

I wrote Jordan for his permission to post his email - in reply, he said, in reply to a comment I made about Obama's pro-abortion/anti-life stance and also my fears of socialism

yes, its a problem ., but you know , Obama wants to be a kind of "flowers child" of revolution of 60' - but problem is that he did not notice that flowers in the vase sear long long ago ago - its other time , other days .. and main problem that Obama is only an instrument in other , what a paradox,rich people hands.( see his election money and great praises of Soros for example ... anyway Soros its a VERY interesting person - I would be very interesting about his role in last finance crisis - and how much money he earned..- he has a g o o d experience - he almost did not bring with speculations to the bankruptcy greatest financial institutions of United Kingdom few years ago...)

And, his last words, in regards to communism:

the socialist redistribution came true nowhere - and will not come true in america

Sometimes, I think our friends in other countries see the USA with better understanding than many of our own citizens. Especially those from former Communist Block countries.

Thanks, Jordan. I love hearing from you!

Posted by Beth at November 4, 2008 9:09 PM


I think it's interesting that anyone thinks Obama is not a product of the 60's.

Posted by: Katherine Optima Maximae at November 5, 2008 11:20 AM

Once bitten twice shy, Beth...
that's why we, the former soviet block refugees, get more alarmed than the rest of the Americans when we see Obama's supporters and friends and hear Obama's platform.
Plus, after living in the States long enough to become US Citizens and being eligible to vote, we know how bad the left infiltrated the education system and where the dangers are. People like your friend do not have that insight.
Finally, it is true that the socialist wealth redistribution scheme have not worked anywhere and it won't survive for long in the States either. Unfortunately, it corrupts and destroys the nations well before it is replaced.

Posted by: olga at November 5, 2008 3:32 PM