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February 14, 2007

I suck at live blogging

I had so much fun meeting so many great folks at the Dole Institute of Politics last night that I pretty much gave up on live blogging. The facilities director and his wife, Laurence and Terry (it might be Terri or Terrie, I'll have to ask her) Bush let me hang out 'backstage' with them.

Terry, oddly enough, is exactly 3 days older than I am. So I have her business card and email address, and since Lawrence, Kansas is just the next county over, I'm sure we'll get together for a birthday drink, at least.

It was very nice to meet some 'big' bloggers. John and I were very lucky to be invited to the pre-event dinner. I sat next to Judge Joseph Pierron, of the Kansas Appellate Court, and discovered that we both graduated from Rockhurst College (now University). The good Judge graduated a few years before I started at Rockhurst - when it was an all-male college. We both had been taught by several of the same professors - Dr. Rydzel for history, and several of the same Jesuit priests. I thought it was kinda funny that both of us did whatever was necessary to avoid Father Freeman's classes!

John sat next to Judge Pierron's wife, Diana Bartelli Carlin, Ph. D. Dr. Carlin is a fascinating, brilliant woman - she is the dean of the Graduate School and International Programs at the University of Kansas and a professor of Communications. She has been very involved with presidential politics as you can see.
We also sat with some KU grad students. And I can't remember their names!!! So if anyone was there, let me know who they were.

It was really a fun meal. Lots of talking and getting to know each other. Wonderful experience!

I will write more about the Blog to the Chief event later on - now, I have to get ready to go, I'll be gone for a few days and won't have access to the internet, but I will be back probably Saturday or Sunday.

Update - here is John's post, with pictures, of last evenings events.

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