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November 06, 2006

Think about your vote

Even if you are pissed off at the Republican Party because they can't seem to cut back spending programs and because here they are in power and it seems they are screwing it up - remember the alternative - Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. And Pelosi has laid out her 100 days plan - just as if she was running for President (ick, patoooie). The Democrats will raise our taxes, spend way more than Repulicans, plunging the economy into recession, really screw up the War On Terror, cheer on the terrorists by pretending they are really just a bunch of guys who need to be treated nicely and they will be nice back.

Now, the Arab world is thrilled by the prospect of a Democratically controlled Congress. The terrorists are cheering on the Democrats. Why? Because it will prove to the terrorists that their actions in Iraq were the right ones, and it will prove to them that terrorism works.

So, love terrorism? Vote Democrat.

Love government spending? Vote Democrat.

Want to pay more taxes? Vote Democrat.

Posted by Beth at November 6, 2006 06:23 AM


Hey, found your page through Blonde Sagacity, anyway, Great post, i agree completely, these people (Dems) are not evil, they are just completely in the dark on the threat we are facing here. It's unfortunate, but the country is going to head in a severely bad direction if they win out the majority.

I'll be keeping my "I told you so"'s handy, right next to the bed.

Posted by: Mike Slag at November 7, 2006 08:23 AM

Slag: Stick your "I told you so's" right up your ignorant ass. The Democrats are going to win this election big.

Posted by: Sal Bandeaux at November 7, 2006 02:20 PM

Gosh, is that how they teach you at Cleveland State University? Or are you just a lowly techie in the Computer Services department?

Posted by: Beth Donovan at November 7, 2006 05:29 PM

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