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May 14, 2006

On Do It Yourself Remodeling

I have learned a few things about DIY Projects after putting in my new laminate flooring in the kitchen.

1. It will take 3 times longer to finish than you plan for.

2. There is scope creep in Home Improvements - you take out a nasty floor, and realize that it is a perfect time to paint the walls. Then you prep the walls and pick a daring paint and then . . . it takes 4 coats of paint to cover!

3. Every time you think things are going well, you find something awful that has to be repaired before you go on.

4. You will discover your own way of doing things. My Dupont Real Touch laminate flooring has instructions that make it seem so easy. And really, after you have laid about 200 square feet, it does get easy, but only because I found that I can snap the boards in much easier by laying on the floor, grabbing the plank at the proper angle and doing a pull up using all your body weight on the plank - and it snaps right in. Looks pretty funny, but it works.

5. You will spend about twice what you figured on. If you are lucky, like I was, Home Depot will have your stuff on sale for 20 percent off within 30 days after you bought it - They gave me back the difference when I went there and asked.

6. Buy the expensive tools. They are so much better that they make your life much easier.

7. I'm pretty sure that only one member of a married couple can work on such a product, otherwise, disharmony in the home will reign.

8. The cats and dogs will be very distressed when you change things around.

9. By the time you finish a project, you know you are an expert - but you might not do the same type of thing for years again!

Posted by Beth at May 14, 2006 08:36 PM