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May 09, 2006

Ruth's Chris Blogging

So, I'm staying at the embassy suites in Birmingham, Alabama, and the restaurant in the hotel is Ruth's Chris.

Because I do not have a car, and am dependant upon my co-worker for transportation, I am forced, forced, I say, to eat at Ruth's Chris for dinner tonight.

And because the Embassy Suites has WiFi, so does Ruth's Chris!

This has not been a great week - things were not ready here, John has now developed Cellulitis in his ankle and I have hives all over my face, neck, chest, side and legs. On the positive side, the kitchen is closer to being finished - I ran into a problem with rotted subfloor near the sink, so I cut that out and replaced it - but I still have boards to lay and trim to put up.

John stained and sealed the mouldings, but he needs to stay off his feet, so I do not want him to do anything for the rest of this week other than keep his feet up!!!!!!! Well, that and come and get me from the airport on Thursday night!

Oh, my steak is on its way. Yum.


Posted by Beth at May 9, 2006 07:29 PM