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May 02, 2006

Debbie Schlussel - still an idiot

Yesterday, Debbie Schlussel once again decided that the Liberty Eagle Pin sold at the Library of Congress gift shop is a Mexican Eagle.

Now, I can see where someone with a perception problem might, maybe think that this:

is equal to this:

if you ignore the cactus, the snake, the wing position, etc.

However, now Debbie seems to think that this:

equals this:


That is a lot like thinking that this woman:

Link to Debbie Schlussel's image was deleted due to threat of copyright lawsuit. To see Debbie's pictures, go to this google link.

is the same as this woman:

They are both blonde, but . . .

When I saw Debbie's post yesterday, I left this comment:

I am just as disgusted with illegal immigration as you are - however, you need to get your eyes checked - the eagle pin looks nothing like the eagles on the flags you are showing. You are really stretching the limits of imagination to think they are the same pin.

Oh, and as far as the swastika goes - it's an evil, evil symbol now, but the Nazis stole it from the Native American Indians who used that symbol for hundreds of years before Hitler was born.

Still doesn't make it right to use it, but I think being educated about such thinks makes one more believable to the world.

Naturally, my comment never got published. She seems to think that I am an extreme right-winger, but then, she has a history of getting confused.

Misha has also discovered this post of Debbie's and has some fine commentary about it.

Posted by Beth at May 2, 2006 11:12 AM