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February 15, 2006

Some people are a little, uh, sensitive?

Whoever this woman is, she is a little off-balance, methinks. And she is not very nice in her descriptions of people - but apparently she can dish it out, but can't take it.

Ms. Schlussel apparently hates Denmark, and Misha linked to her anti-Danish screed and fisked it in typical Misha fashion. Misha was born in Denmark, and has a great love for his country of birth, so he defends Denmark and in doing so is more than blunt about his ill-feelings towards Ms. Schlussel (who is a talk show host somewhere, not here!).

Ms. Schlussel pretty much says on her blog that Denmark deserves everything it gets from the Islamofascists.

Well, anyone who has been to Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler knows that Misha doesn't pull any literary punches when he is pissed off.

So Ms. Schlussel, who is not the nicest of people on her own blog, emails Misha and suggests that she might sue him.

Where do I get involved with this? Well, hopefully, I won't - I'm just reporting the story.

Anyway, John made a small suggestion to her on his blog, Argghhh!

The Rottweiler Emperor annoyed Debbie Schlussel, and she whined grumped to him about it [she made it clear to me in the email where she asks me if I blog out my ass that it wasn't whining. O.k.]. Mistake, Debbie. I stand by my advice, Debbie. If your note to the Rottweiler was like the tone of your email to me, that was just pouring gas on the flames. There's a *reason* Misha is called the Rottweiler. -The Armorer

Ms. Schlussel took offense that John linked to Misha and wrote him a very rude email.

I have printed that email in the extended entry.

--- Debbie Schlussel wrote:

I read your post about my "whining" to the idiot
rottweiler. Do you always blog out of your ass?
have NO IDEA what I said to the idiot because he
and didn't post my e-mails to him. Why do you think
he changed what he wrote and posted a "retraction"?
NEVER threaten to sue anyone over being offended.
Believe me, his site, which I never before visited
won't again, is NOT worthy of my time and attention.

I've been called a lot worse by more worthies and
ignored it. But defamatory, LYING speech is NOT
protected anywhere, much less so in your precious
Denmark. I find it interesting that you are willing
to write a blog entry, when you haven't a clue and
never read my e-mail. Like a true idiot . . . .
Debbie Schlussel

Wow, this bitter woman gets pissed off pretty easily!
At least she signs her email with some truth:

"Like a true idiot ...
Debbie Schlussel"

Posted by Beth at February 15, 2006 07:28 AM