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February 02, 2006

Much Ado About Alito

So, a bunch of conservatives are upset that Justice Alito voted to allow the 8th Circuit Court to review the death penalty in Missouri.
And a bunch of liberals are all excited about it.

But - I think he is doing exactly what a conservative and thoughtful judge should do.

I am a pro-life conservative. Hopefully, so is Justice Alito. Even though the crime committed by Michael Taylor was indeed evil and heinous, (I lived in Kansas City when Ann Harrison was kidnapped, raped and murdered, and it was just horrible) even though he confessed to the crime, and even though I would feel a certain satisfaction if this guys dies for his crime, I still think the death penalty is terribly flawed, and as a pro-life Catholic, I cannot defend the death penalty.

Now, it's okay with me if the murderer is put in a cage for life with some rocks and a pick ax and has to break them all up for the rest of his life. But I have a problem with the death penalty. When I look at other countries who have the death penalty, I see Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and the Muslim world as a whole. I want us to be better than those countries.

Don't get me wrong - I want murderers to be locked away forever, I wouldn't mind if they were put in stocks so the citezenry can throw rotten tomatoes at them. I want them to suffer until they die a natural death. I want their lives to be as miserable as the lives of their victims' families.

So, I think that this vote does not prove Alito as a liberal - but as someone who values life.

Even the life of an evil criminal.

And hopefully, even the life of an unborn child.


I don't expect my regular readers to agree with me. I just feel that in matters of life and death I must be consistent. As long as we can keep these horrid people behind bars and away from the rest of society, I think that is a better choice than execution.

Posted by Beth at February 2, 2006 11:39 AM