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January 31, 2006

A meme a day ...

FBL tagged me. So here we go:

4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
This is a tough question. I have had a *lot* of jobs in my life. More than most, I believe. Where on earth do I start?

1. Right out of college, I worked for the Missouri Division of Family Services. After a happy year or so of working with elderly folks, I was forced into the Child Protective Services department because our then governor of Missouri, Kit Bond, wanted to make some political hay by putting children first. Don't get me wrong, the State of Missouri was not watching out for abused and neglected children, and Bond did was needed to be done. I just didn't really want to do that. I was happy working with my old folks, even though one or two of the old men were a little on the forgetful side (I'll never forget Seymour - he would answer his door with his weenie hanging out, and then at least pretend to be embarrassed when I pointed it out).
Working with abused and neglected children was awful. My supervisor was awful, my caseload was horrendous and I quit the day that a crazy lady who refused to let her kids go to school because she was a paranoid schizophrenic and was convinced that all the teachers had sex with the children (though looking at it now, perhaps she wasn't too far wrong) got out a kitchen knife and threatened my life.

2. The day after I quit that job, I went to the local offices of Quik Trip Corporation. Right after quitting the job from hell, I had to convince the interviewer that a woman was indeed tough enough and strong enough to unload trucks, fend off evil doers and balance the books of a convenience store.
I was their first woman hired to work in one of the stores. I was their first woman manager. It was interesting, but they paid quite well for those days, so I put up with the odd stuff. I was flashed numerous times - one guy hid his penis under about 4 or 5 girlie magazines he had put on the counter, and as I was ringing them up, I realized what was going on, picked up a large (huge) wrench and suggested he be on his way. If nothing else, that job provided me with a lot of very bizarre true stories about convenience stores and the people who hang out at them - and yes, there are convenience store groupies.

3. I sold waterbeds for several years. Once again, I was the only woman. Back in the '70s, there were all sorts of misconceptions about women and what we are capable of doing. I got fired from that job by a cocaine sniffing idiot district supervisor. I remember his name was Chuck. About a year later, they fired his ass and they hired me back. I was a manager of one their stores for awhile, but then I got demoted because the guys didn't like doing what a woman asked them to do. I was deemed too bitchy.

4. After being a stay at home mom with Andy, I ended up divorced. I made ends meet by cleaning houses. Oh. My. You learn a lot about people when you clean their house. That's one reason I hesitate to have anyone come and clean my house now. Anyway, as you know now, I have a really interesting job doing technical stuff and I travel all over the place.

4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over

1. The Princess Bride

2. Monty Python's Holy Grail

3. Any Harry Potter movie.

4. Animal House.

4 Places You Have Lived

1. Creve Coeur, Missouri

2. Kansas City, Missouri

3. Olathe, Kansas

4. Leavenworth, Kansas

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch

1. CSI Las Vegas.

2. Without A Trace.

3. House


4 Places You Have Been On Vacation

1. Arizona - Grand Canyon, beautiful Flagstaff, ruins, cool stuff in a hot place.

2. Salisbury, UK. My first trip overseas.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada. Bestest restaurants and shows. Oh, but wait, New Orleans has had great restaurants.

4. San Diego, California. Got to meet lotsa bloggers there!

4 Websites You Visit Daily

1. Day by Day

2. Argghhh!!

3. Ebay

4. Google

4 Favorite Foods

1. Cheese Blintzes with Strawberry preserves, sour cream and a side order of link sausages.

2. Eggs Benedict (only instead of the ham, spinach and artichokes and cheese)

3. Rib eye steak.

4. At the moment, I'm on a sweet potato kick. Go figure.

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

1. Riding one of my horses in the mountains, only in the summer, not in January!

2. Touring Europe.

3. In a pottery class.

4. In bed with John!

4 People to Tag

1. AFSis (via Argghhh!)

2. Pam

3. Triticale

4. Punctilious

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