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December 11, 2005

Help needed

Our friend, Deb, of Marine Corps Moms, is desperately trying to put enough goodies together for Christmas for some troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq (somehow the MWR money didn't get there in time for holiday planning).

The problem is we have some units in Afghanistan and Iraq that will not receive their MWR dollars in time to plan a Christmas holiday for the troops. Don't have an exact number of troops, and the Master Sgt that e-mailed me from Afgan (whom I know personally) has not been able to re-email me since.

But if some stockings could be sent to their unit commander that would really help. Please let me know for sure though so I can tell them to expect something. Thank you again, and bless you both for all you are doing for our service members and their families.

Come on, folks, go to the MarineCorps Moms' Paypal button and give them 10 or 25 or 1000 dollars - we bloggers could help Kate get her pretty smile back, we can also help out with getting our service people a Christmas, eh?

Posted by Beth at December 11, 2005 04:07 PM