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December 09, 2005

I have the very best huband on earth

The last 7 days have been absolutely horrid so far as travelling/work goes. From losing my corporate credit card on Sunday to being stranded at Midway Airport last night, along with a sinus infection, muscle spasms in my shoulder and neck, and the hard drive on my laptop crashing.

Fortunately, my clients are great, and I loved working with them.

But, I'm so worn down, worn out, tired and just generally yucky, that after John picked me up from the airport at noon, took me to a new micro brewery for lunch, and brought me home before he went back to work, I laid down on the bed with all the dogs and kitties and fell asleep.

Sound asleep.

So asleep that before I knew it, John was opening the front door.

So asleep that I was not ready a Christmas Party tonight. I really did want to go, I like the people who will be there a lot, but I'm just exhausted.

But John didn't mind - at least I don't think he minded - and he let me stay in bed and now he is braving the cold and snow to bring back the fixings for a margarita.

He is most definitly the bestest husband on earth!

Posted by Beth at December 9, 2005 07:23 PM