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November 26, 2005

Blatant attempt to earn some Christmas Money!

Ann Althouse, Instapundit, and many others are schilling for Amazon - I think I have made 93 cents in the past 6 months by linking to Amazon.com, and frankly, dear readers, that doesn't even buy me a comic book!
If you click on one of these links and actually buy something, I will get maybe another 4 or 5 cents, so by the year 2010, I might have enough money to buy this book.

With 8 cats and 3 dogs, we have a very hairy house. John and I have destroyed some very high-priced vacuum cleaners at the rate of about one per year. we now have a solution for our hardwood floors - Roomba. Gandalf the Grey, our Persian, sheds constantly. He especially likes shedding on the area rug in our living room. "Roomba"does a very good job of not only getting the cat hair off, but has the additional bonus of entertaining the cats.

Now, for our carpeted bedroom and the kitchen floor (unfortunately carpeted), and the carpeted staircase and walls and ceilings, I love my Dyson.

Please note that I did NOT purchase the animal Dyson vacuum - the only difference is the turbo-thingy that can be purchased separately if you think you really need it.

Okay, let us look at some cool kitchen appliances that I cannot live without:
1. My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I have the 5 quart heavy duty professional model now, but I had a 4 quart for years, and it was also pretty good.

I'm hoping to get some attachments for my Kitchenaid this Christmas - maybe the food grinder(hint, hint, John!)

2. My second favorite appliance is my Braun Hand Blender. It is great for soups, sauces, chopping nuts, crunching up ice and milkshakes and fancy drinks. Definitely worth the price.

I will continue with more later - I really have to go decorate my arbor with Christmas lights now.

Posted by Beth at November 26, 2005 02:00 PM