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November 15, 2005

this week

This has been an interesting week so far. I flew into Baltimore and drove to Silver Spring, Maryland on Sunday. One of the Castle Argghhh! Denizens, Boquisucio, and his lovely and talented wife, Kathy, took me out to dinner.

We went to a Salvadorean restaurant and had a really good meal and a lot of very entertaining conversation. They are the proud parents of a cockatiel, Mikey, who believes he is a human. Boquisucio should start his own blog, by the way - he's funny and smart, as is his wife.

Then yesterday - oh gosh - the system admin made a UID change for a system user and broke everything that I had previously installed. So I'm almost starting from scratch.

I did actually get through the entire 45 minutes yoga video last night - so all was not lost. Now, if I could just do my yoga every evening I'm here - I'll be happy.

Posted by Beth at November 15, 2005 05:32 AM