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November 05, 2005

A good time was had by all

I really love meeting other bloggers. I am luckier than most because I travel so much anyway, and that gives me more opportunities to meet other folks. In fact, I need to make a new blogroll - that lists all the bloggers I have met in person. That list is getting longer all the time!

I do apologize for taking a full week to finish this post, by the way. I have a very bad habit of procrastinating. A lot. Often.

This past weekend, John and I went to Straight White Guy's blogfest. Eric and his lovely, friendly, sweet, incredibly patient wife, Fiona, were wonderful hosts. They have a lovely home in Eastern Tennessee - a gorgeous, huge backyard with a huge deck and lots of trees - and a patio out in the yard, too - they even have a fire pit! And two cats - but we only got to meet one, Fred. Ginger is too shy to make an appearance among strangers, and believe me, we were all pretty strange.

John and I didn't get there until a bit afternoon of the blogfest, so we missed going to the range with the guys and/or antiquing with Army Wife, Toddler Mom (who made the 9 hour drive from Arkansas!!!). We missed meeting Key Monroe - darn it - I so wanted to meet Key!

Speaking of Army Wife - this woman is drop dead gorgeous - she is in great shape (you would never guess she has kids!) and has great hair and a great personality on top of it all. She's got more energy than I've ever had. Or at least more than I ever remember having!

I was absolutely thrilled to meet Denny (Grouchy Old Cripple), as I have been reading his blog for as long as I have been blogging. Since he retired, he's not nearly as grouchy as he used to be. And ... he plays guitar just beautifully. I love his finger-picking, and luckier still, he has a very nice voice. Here is a picture of Denny and Jim of Parkway Rest Stop as they serenaded thier adoring fans.

And Jim is super smart and super funny and has great hair and really sings nicely!:

Actually, Jim, Denny and John all have great hair. (which reminds me - last night I dreamt that John had hair down to his waist and he looked ridiculous - and if you know John, you know just how ludicrous that dream was!)

We finally got to meet Matt. We have been trying to get together with him (and Eric) for gosh - two years?

Oh, and we met Redneck - he's kinda cute, too.

Oddly, I seem to have taken tons and tons of pictures of Harvey and his lovely wife, TNT (boy, she is one buff chick!). I don't know if it was just coincidental that they seemed to be everywhere, or if they really were everywhere at once. TNT and Harvey are very lovey dovey with each other - it's so sweet! They asked that I don't publish their pictures, so I won't - except for the back of the head of Mrs. Bad Example as she sings along with Jim and Denny and Eric.

Tammi, as always, was stupendous. I really want some of her energy. I've never known anyone who is so much fun to be around - even when she is around old fogies like John and I! Tammi is one of those all too rare women who make you feel like you have known her forever. I'd tell her all my secrets!

I met a true Princess, also - Princess Cat. She looks just like Gina Davis only younger and prettier. Oh, to be young and pretty again! (yeah, once upon a time, I was a looker)

And Sissy, what a sweetie! She has the most brillient blue eyes ever! Again, I don't have permission to post pictures of her, so you must use your imagination.
Sissie came all the way from Arizona - that's dedication to her blogfriends!

That 1 Guy is a hoot, also. Unlike the unpictured chicken shits aboveT1G said it was okay for his pic to be up - so here he is - I think he's a great guy to hang out with - especially if you need protection in a bad part of town.

Boudicca and her sister also made an appearence at the blog meet. Smart, smart, smart women, those two - and very pretty, too - every guy there made mention of their now legendary beauty.

Zonker is a hoot. He was on his cellphone a lot - talking to more important bloggers, I think. He's the guy outside the door on the phone behind the flowers:

I wish I had spent more time talking to him - I really like his sense of humour.

Oh, and Johnny O is just the cutest, nicest guy around. Hope he doesn't mind - here is his picture, so all you young women can oogle him. Hmmm. I shoulda taken a picture of his butt. It's cute, too.

Not that I would know at my advanced age!

John, my love, of course, had a great time. Even if he was giving me funny looks:

There are more pictures below...

I forgot to mention that many stars from that hit movie about penguins were at the party:

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