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October 19, 2005

This was somewhat embarrassing

Today I decided to wear a dress to work. I put it on, looked in the mirror and my pale white legs just look too white here in Florida, so I put on a pair of control top panty hose.

As it happens, I spent most of my day sitting down, setting up some software and teaching my client how to use it all.

When I finally stood up to leave (everyone else in the IT office was gone already), I could tell that my panty hose had slipped down a little - but not a lot, I was sure I could make it through the hospital and to the car with no problem.

Boy, was that a dumb thing to think.

This is a very large place - I was walking through the hallways and was nearly at the main lobby when I could tell my pany hose were slipping - quickly.

Every step I took forced the damned panty hose to fall down farther.

Before I knew it, they were at my knees.

Yes. At. My. Knees.

The waist of the pantyhose was at my knees.

Fortunately, I had a dress on that hits me at mid-calf.

I stopped walking - I looked around - the closest ladies room was about a block away from where I stood (told you this is a big, big place).

There was a chair about 10 feet away - I shuffled over to the chair - in the humongous lobby - and attempted to surreptitiously pull the panty hose up - but I realized that was impossible.

So I finally just took off my shoes and pulled them off.

In front of the world.

Fortunatly, no one said anything to me.

Geeze, I hate panty hose - especially the so-called Control Top types.

Posted by Beth at October 19, 2005 06:25 PM