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October 18, 2005

Plame Blame Flame?

How much money is this stupid Valerie Plame thing costing taxpayers? Let's see, so far, we find that a reporter went to jail to protect someone who said nothing. Judith Miller needs to check into a nice quiet hospital somewhere where she can try to get a grasp on reality.

Of course, it would be a really big hospital, because every single Democrat who thinks this Plame thing is an issue anywhere outside the Beltway should go check themselves into the same hospital.

Unless the prosecuter has some new evidence that actually points to someone *breaking* the law, I don't see any reason for this farce to go on.

Even the New York Times is embarrased about the whole thing.

There are more important things going on that need to be taken care of. I want to see the Congress and the President come up with a realistic plan for lowering energy costs. The sharp rise in oil prices is causing inflation and before we know it, we could be in the same fricking mess we were under Jimmy "the sweater" Carter - energy costs caused inflation to go up so much that the Feds kept increasing the interest rates to the point where no one could afford to purchase a home (16% interest rates on mortgages), etc. For those of you who were not of an age to remember those years - they sucked. The economy sucked big green ones.

Posted by Beth at October 18, 2005 05:41 AM