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October 16, 2005


I have apparently been insensitive to people of the Jewish faith by making this week's Carnival of the Recipes a 'Pork Only' affair.

I decided to make this week's Carnival 'pork only' to mock the English Council that has banned Piglet from government offices so as not to offend Muslims working there.

Religious dietary laws - be they in the minority or the majority - should not be the determining factor when it comes to regulations that limit free speech and freedom of expression. In fact, nothing should be regulating free speech and freedom of expressions. For goodness' sake - if it's okay to call a Crucifix soaked in urine art - and to have government funds pay for that, then certainly, it's okay for me to point out the sneaky infiltration of sharia laws in the West.

By the way, I am aware that Orthodox Jews have very similar same dietary restrictions that fundamentalist Muslims have, so please don't send me informational emails about your faith unless you want me to send informational emails about my faith - Catholicism - which is mocked regularly by bloggers of other faiths - from Jews to Muslims to Christians.

So, if anyone wants to bitch about my choice of recipes this week, bitch at me - not at the hostess of this week's Carnival.

Posted by Beth at October 16, 2005 06:53 AM