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October 03, 2005

A strange afternoon!

Here I was, sitting at my computer trying to get expense reports done whilst balancing our virtual checkbook, and the doorbell rang.

Now, I'm not one to answer the door to strangers, especially if the dogs are out back - as they were and still are. But they rang again, so I went to the door and one FBI Agent and one US Marshall were at the front door.

They asked if they could come in. I asked for their ID again, so I could see if it really looked real, and invited them inside.

The house is kinda messy, as is the norm, and I apologized for its state of disorganization. The two agents sat down in the living room with me and they asked me if I had been in the Washington DC area recently. I mistakenly thought they were talking about my trip to Silver Spring, MD, when I was there a few weeks ago, but they asked me about the Ft. McHenry Tunnel, and I suddenly knew why they were here.

The week I went to Delaware, I took one of my co-workers with me, J, I'll call him. We flew into BWI and drove to Delaware. On our way back, we went through the Ft. McHenry tunnel. J had never seen anything like it before, so he stuck his head out the window of my rental car and took a picture of the tunnel.
He wanted to show it to his son and daughter. He also took a picture of the road leading up to it - it was about 16 lanes or so - and inadvertently took a picture of a power plant that neither of us noticed while doing so.

Let me tell you about J - he is a great guy, I think he is 30 or 32 or something. He grew up on a farm and lives about 90 miles out in the middle of nowhere. He is as innocent as the day is long, and quite innocently took those pictures, which is not against the law, but could be seen as suspicious.

At the time, I told him that someone is going to end up reporting us to the Department of Homeland Security, and sure enough, someone did.

And I'm glad the FBI is checking out these things. Makes me feel like they are much more capable than previous to 9/11.

So that is why the FBI came to my house today. And it is also why I could use a margarita this early in the afternoon. But I'll try to wait - have to do that huge expense report for last week still.

Update: I forgot to mention that I asked the FBI agents if it is okay for me to blog about the visit. They said, sure. Then they said - what's a blog? I said, you know, a web log? They said no, never heard of it - seems they are not big on computer stuff and had never heard of a web blog - I tried to explain, then I finally just told them to go to Instapundit and start clicking on links.

Update the second: They were very observant - they asked if someone in the family had been in the military (of couse the American Flag presented to John when he retired is framed and on display) and asked about the bullet board and the gun on the bar. Gandolf and Annie just loved the US Marshal guy, and then, of course, they asked me about the cats - how many, where did they all come from, etc.

I suppose you need to be a naturally curious person to be doing Homeland Security work. Nosy, really. Kinda like me.

Posted by Beth at October 3, 2005 02:34 PM