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September 08, 2005

And on top of that ...

As I waited to turn out of the Price Chopper Parking lot, I witnessed an accident.
A woman was stopped, waiting for the car in front of her to turn left when a guy rearended her - hard. Hard enough that I saw her head fly forward and then back - even with her seat belt on.

And I thought, well, I should stay and let them know I was a witness. Then, the guy who hit her backed up, drove around her and took off like a bat outta hell.

At this point, I called 911, got his license plate number and wrote it down.

I do not like people who run from accidents they have caused.

So, the poor woman who got rear ended pulled off into a parking lot, I followed her and we waited for the police to get there. One of the police officers, nice guy, Pedro, only everyone calls him Pete he made sure to say, said he thinks he passed the guy. They ran a check on the license plate number, and it had been reported as a stolen plate. Pedro/Pete looked at me and said, looks like I got the right number written down.

So, I had to write down what I saw, sign the form, show my drivers license and assure the police officer and the lady who was rear ended that I would definitely show up in court if they needed me.

I can only hope the rest of the day goes quietly into the night.

Posted by Beth at September 8, 2005 06:26 PM