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August 26, 2005

My Vacation, Part II

Remember the song, Vacation, by the Go Go's? It keeps running through my brain as I write about our vacation. And neither of us did any water skiing at all - or even got near water - next time we go out there, we'll have to check out the beaches.

Okay, now - back at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, our heroes, John, Joanie and moi, have finished with the bird watching and have met the Meerkats.

Oh, wait - I don't think we had met the Meerkats in my last installment - so here they are -

Ooops - no, that is DaGoddess and John!

Here are the meerkats:

This guy is another watcher - maybe he is a watcher of weasels?

And this meerkat is just a slug:

DaGoddess checked her watch at about this time and said we had to get moving - so we could watch the feeding of the cheetah!

It was quite a long walk from meerkat city to the land of the Cheetah! So, we took some pictures of neat things like flowers and sweet deer-like creatures and another critter that has a tongue that must be 2 feet long.

Finally, we made it to the place where the cheetah lady lives and waits for her turkeyburgers! Raw, that is.

I think she is a very pretty kitty - but a bit large for snuggling with -

After we watched the lovely lady Cheetah eat her food, we headed for the Lions - they are gorgeous, but due to the glass windows, rather hard to capture on film. This is the best picture I could get:

Tomorrow - John and I visit Balboa Park and we have dinner at blogger Doc in the Box and his lovely and talented bride, Tragic's home.

Posted by Beth at August 26, 2005 07:06 PM