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August 19, 2005

Carnival of the Recipes #53 - or the First Carnival in Year 2

It has been a full year since I started the Carnival of the Recipes, and I am very happy to say that we are still going strong. I have made new blog friends and gained weight (darn it!) via the Carnival. Thanks to all the great bloggers who have hosted the carnival in the past year and all the people who submitted recipes.

Now, time to start Year 2!


Life is short - eat dessert first!

Jordana of Curmudgeonry has a very good recipe for making Fruit or Berry Tarts.

My friend, Ala, has Ghetto Rice Pudding - the picture looks pretty good, Ala - next time I am in Philly, maybe I can get an invite to Ala's house.

Army Wife at ArmyWifeToddlerMom has a legendary recipeGuinness Ice Cream!

The HeadGirl at The Common Room presents Cookies! Peanut butter cookies!

Accidental Verbosity's Jay has a recipe for Cherry Squares. I love cherries, I love squares - what's not to like?

Peach Cobbler looks good, too! But I need you all to go over and let Taleena know that Conservative Cat did *not* think up the Carnival of the Recipes - I did - and then tell her how yummy her recipe is!!

Mmmmmmmmmm - Marshmallow Brownies from Physics Geek.


From Mean Ol' Meany - This looks like heaven - Chocolate Snow Bear.

Condiments and Salsas

Mostly Cajun, has submitted many recipes to the Carnival of the Recipes in the past year. This week, he has a recipe for Pico de Gallo.

Practigal has a recipe from her favorite restaurant in Ithaca, Tomato Salsa Fresca

And we have three yummy recipes from Trouble in Shangra La at Dubious Wonder - Fresh Salsa, Black Bean Salsa and Sour Cream Cucumbers - all delightful for summertime eating. Thanks, Trouble!!

Appetizers and Soups

Kevin has a recipe for some seriously good Potato Skins. Guaranteed to have no calories!

Blue Cheese Pizza appetizers. This is a must try! We go this recipe from One for the Road.

Potato Soup - what a great comfort food - from Memento Moron (who does not appear to be a moron at all!)


Caltechgirl of Not Exactly Rocket Science stole one of CaltechMom's recipes this week - CaltechMom's SuperDuper Zucchini!


Lisa at the tao of me presents Mad Jack's Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce


Kris of Anywhere but Here has been another regular contributer to the Carnival of the Recipes - thank you, Kris!! This week, she offers Beef and Vegetable Kabobs with Sesame Lime Marinade. Sounds like a great summer meal!


Kevin at Technogypsy presents Lamb Shanks


BJ has a recipe for Tequila Jalapeno Shrimp - not for those who don't like a lot of heat!

Triticale, a blogger of many interests and recipes, is kind enough to share his recipe for Chiles Rellenos Al Chino. This one I have to try- it is partly Chinese and partly Mexican and the recipe look great.

Another one of my favorite contributers is David of The Glittering Eye. This week, David has an Asian Seafood Salad for our dining pleasure. Wow - scallops and shrimp and .... wasabi!

Mensa Barbie has a recipe for Sea Bass Hollandaise. Everytime I think of Sea Bass, I think of Austin Powers and the sea bass with lasers. I'm sure they are much tastier with hollandaise!

This looks like a great recipe - chicken titties redux. This guy, Ellisson, is very funny - read all his stuff.

David at third world county has a recipe for Odd Chicken Salad/Sandwich. Don't worry, it's not as odd as you might think - it does not require a 2 headed chicken or anything!

Pork and Sausage (Pork fat rules!)

Allan is cooking up a Quick Cassoulet this week. Inside Allan's Mind is one of my daily reads, and Allan nearly always contributes to the Carnival. Thanks, Allan!!

Ozarklad has a recipe that will make you happy even as your arteries harden! Sausage Poppers!

Sweet Michele has a recipe for Barbequed Pork Chops. Yummm - more pork goodness!

Arghhh!!! I left out Shawn's recipe for Jambalya Grits! I was having connectivity problems when I put this together yesterday, and I lost that entry in one of my saves. I will make sure that this recipe gets on next week's carnival also, to make up for my screw up!!

Breads and Pastries and Pancakes and other yummy stuff

Mary Beth has some Random Thoughts and a recipe for 'Australian Steakhouse Bread' . She must cook out back, if you get my drift. Yeah, that was dumb, I know. But the bread is good, good, good.

From A Weight Lifted, we have Old Fashioned Oatmeal-Blueberry Pancakes. This is a new blog to me, and believe me, I will be visiting there regularly and add them to my blogroll. Healthy food!

Strawberry Streusel Bars were sent to us from Cafe Oregano. They look pretty durn good and pretty simple to put together.


Yes, I gave blintzes its own category - why? Because cheese blintzes are my very favorite food on earth. I like them with Strawberry Preserves and Sour Cream on top, and with link sausages alongside (yeah, I know - it is a fine Jewish dish and I eat pork with them- I'm just odd).

Anyway, a beautiful recipe with pictures has been submitted by Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea - Blintzes for Brunch. Oh, man, I don't care about my weight - I *will* make this one!!!


David (The Glittering Eye) has a post with his favorite recipes - Here is the link.

Chris Byrne - The AnarchAngel at The AnarchAngel has a lot of great into in his Recipes for REAL men - Basic Cooking Secrets - Volume 1 post.

Next week, the Carnival of the Recipes will be hosted by CaltechGirl at Not Exactly Rocket Science.

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