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July 29, 2005

Airport Blogging

Well, I got to the airport three hours early only to find there is no earlier flight from Houston to Kansas City.
So, I thought I'd just give you all my opinions on lotsa stuff -

1. Despite what the Administration wants, we are most definitely in a war on Terror - not a struggle against violent behaviour - geeeze!

2. Fox News need to let Natalie go - I don't care who did what - and why do they only pay attention to suburban rich blonde girls who can afford to go to exotic places?

3. I don't care about the guy who dissappeared from a cruise ship on his honeymoon, either.

4. I don't care about what any athlete or actor or singer or comedian thinks about how the world should be run.

5. I mean really - most of the above listed famous people didn't go to college!

6. Food, drink and tobacco busybodies should just worry about themselves. I don't smoke, but I'm offended by the attempt in New Jersey to keep people from smoking in their own private cars.

7. More daylight savings time? Dumb - school kids have to walk to school in the dark by the end of October as it is - countless people drive to work in the dark in the autumn until daylight savings time - lotsa accidents.
It makes sense in the summer for many of us, but not in the winter!

8. I think it is very good that dark chocolate is possibly good for lowering blood pressure. I would happily volunteer for a study to verify the findings of Chicago researchers!

9. I had a fantastic dinner last night at a new Mexican Restaurant in Houston called Santos - the owners worked for Ninfas for many years - and this food is better than Ninfas. And I had the best ever margarita there - oh it was so smooth and good!!! The waiter said it contained Patron and Cointreau and the juice of one lime and 1/2 an orange - lovely stuff!

Posted by Beth at July 29, 2005 03:37 PM