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July 15, 2005

House work

John and I have been sleeping on a waterbed since we met. I have been thinking it's high time we got rid of it and got a nice, real bed. It takes me years to make a decision like that, but I finally decided a few weeks ago that I want a new bed. The waterbed's heater broke some months ago, and as a result, I have been sleeping on top of a pile of blankets to keep from freezing, while John, of course, loved the cold and slept under the blankets.

Not conducive to snuggling and stuff, if you get my drift.

Last weekend, I decided that this weekend we would get a new bed. But then yesterday, I thought I'd check out our local furniture store to see what they had.

The nice thing about a local store is that they will deliver the same day.

Anyway, I drained the waterbed. The mattress, box springs and frame were delivered. After going out to dinner and visiting Bed Bath and Beyond for proper sheets and bedding, and much fussing about taking the old waterbed apart, we have a new bed.

When did they make beds so high? When I sit on the side, my feet don't even touch the ground!

Posted by Beth at July 15, 2005 09:35 AM