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June 26, 2005

Medium Rant

1. Flag Amendment. I'm agin it. Free speech is too precious - don't fuck with it. See John's post on the same.

2. The Kelo Decision. Oh, this one makes me want to scream. I can understand using eminent domain for truly public uses - airports, schools - but never, ever for property to be handed over to a private entity just because there might be more tax money generated. I have always disliked developers, now the Supreme Court has given them a tool to wreck the landscape and make blue collar folks give up their property just so they can get richer.

3. Tom Cruise and his 'religion' bwaa haa haa haa!
Scientology is not a Church, is not a Religion and should not be allowed to be tax-exempt. L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer. Fiction was his milieu. Scientology would be better named 'Fictionality'. And they all ought to be charged with practicing medicine without a license. Feh.

Posted by Beth at June 26, 2005 12:37 PM