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May 18, 2005

Dean is Dangerous - or just stupid!

Dean jeers DeLay on eve of Valley trip.

If it wasn't for the fact that Dizzy Dean was a friend of my dad's, I would start calling How-weird Dean - Dizzy.

Dean, head of the Democrats, said this today:

There's corruption at the highest level of the Republican Party, and they're going to have to face up to that one of these days, because the law is closing in on Tom DeLay," Dean said in a telephone interview before heading to an appearance today in Phoenix

He has already judged a man who has not even been indicted - hardly an example of believing in innocent until proven guilty -

In case you have forgotten, How-weird Dean was defending Osama Bin Laden's right to be innocent until proven guilty during his (happily) failed campaign last year:

"I've resisted pronouncing a sentence before guilt is found," Dean said during the 2004 Democratic primary campaign. "I still have this old-fashioned notion that even with people like Osama, who is very likely to be found guilty, we should do our best not to, in positions of executive power, not to prejudge jury trials."

The man is definitely not fit to run anything, much less a major political party in the USA!

Welcome, DUers - please check out the rest of my blog - especially this post.

Posted by Beth at May 18, 2005 03:31 PM