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May 12, 2005

Illegal Immigration

In my many travels this year, I have seen first hand how many immigrants, illegal or legal, are pouring into the country. From Long Island, New York to Detroit to Denver to California, Nevada, Texas and Louisianna, immigrants, both legal and illegal, line the streets every morning waiting to be picked up for a day's work.

Last month, I saw hundreds of Mexican illegals lining the streets of Farmingville, New York. They were waiting to be picked up by landscaping companies and other businesses who don't mind hiring illegal aliens. Apparently, the INS doesn't care to bother with these illegals unless they commit a crime. American citizens who live in the community and object are labeled "hate-mongerors".

Oddly enough, the labor unions want amnesty for illegal aliens - I suppose that the AFL-CIO and other unions figure they can bring new life to the unions by charging dues to millions of foreigners who are curretly taking jobs from union laborers.

I am not against immigration. I am against illegal immigration. We have to tighten our borders and keep out people who do not go through the proper channels to become legal residents.

President Bush is not doing his job to protect the borders. Congress is not doing its job to protect the borders. The judicial branch is not helping, either.

Our laws must be upheld. No border crossing anywhere in the US should be allowed without the proper papers.

When I was in Los Angeles last week, two homes were raided - one had over 100 illegal aliens living in it (small house), the other had about 50 people living in it. Apparently, people smugglers keep the illegals holed up there until a friend or relative comes and pays for them to be released.

How many more houses are filled with illegal immigrants? This is ridiculous.

Posted by Beth at May 12, 2005 07:14 AM