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January 16, 2005

Update on post below

Edrienne, who I like quite a bit, seems to think I believe all Democrats to be morons.

No, I don't think all Democrats are morons - but there are so many of them like the incredibly nasty commenters on Zephyr's site, Kos's site and Atrios's site that the normal, sane Democrats are pretty much overshadowed by them. I see no excuse for that kind of vitriol anywhere.

And Zephyr is one of their own - that's how they treat a fellow democrat.

Now, Michelle Malkin is being harrassed by likely the same morons who are harrassing Zephyr.

As for Armstrong Williams - he was fired, as he should be, and I have never said there is any comparison between what Kos did (he partially disclosed his clients) and what Williams did.

However, Kos's claim that he was merely a 'technical consultant' is a little silly. He was still payed by the Dean campaign, so you can't tell me he wouldn't be more likely to lean toward Dr. Dean for $3,000 a month.

Posted by Beth at January 16, 2005 09:53 AM