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January 15, 2005

Poor little Deaniac Zephyr

Zephyr is the young woman who pointed out that the Dean Campaign was hoping that the payments they made to KOS (Markos Zuniga) would encourage him to write a lot of pro-Dean propaganda on his blog.

Now, all the other Deaniacs have come out from under their rocks to spew indignation and hate in the general direction of young Zephyr. Go read her post here, then scroll down and get a load of the absolutely hateful, spiteful, threatening comments from people who are on the same side of the political spectrum that she is on.

It will take some time - they have a lot of anger (as did Dr. Dean during his scream moment).

Now, after you have read such lovely comments to this young woman - like this one -

I would not walk across the street to piss in your mouth if you were dying of thirst.

Your are the most wretched scum I have ever seen. I remember meeting you in Iowa & thinking that you were not only harsh to look at but so full of yourself that you will probably always be single.

Now I understand what a truly putrid piece of human debris you are. You would probably kill your own pets for $20 or sell out your own mother if it would get you a TV interview.

Your father must be so ashamed. I imagine him sitting outside in his underwear at the trailer park with his head in his hands thinking what a waste of sperm you were. Even now he laments that if only he would have blown his wad into a kleenex, at least he could have been proud of that, far more than the anorexic rat headed beast he has unleashed into the world with a stupid name & hateful countenance.

Oh how your mother must rue the day you slithered out of her rotten womb.

May God mercifully bless them both with Alzheimer's to quell the agony of shame you have wrought upon their lives.

Or the one that simply calls the young woman a dumb bitch

Now, think about all these truly bizarre and horrid comments - all from Democrats. Many from Deaniacs.

Are these the people we want making any kind of decision about how our country should be run?

I was once a Democrat. One of the reasons I quit being a democrat is the blatant hostility and just plain meanness that so many democrats have toward anyone who disagrees with them on anything. Even people on the same side they are on.


Morons all.

Posted by Beth at January 15, 2005 12:23 PM