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January 12, 2005

Why Social Security is in danger

The Left declares there is nothing wrong with Social Security that removing President Bush's tax cuts won't fix.

Their answer to everything is - more taxes, more taxes, damn the 'rich' people.

But let's think about the real reason Social Security is in trouble - we won't have enough working population to support the elderly in coming years because there are too many of us Baby Boomers and not enough young people.

And let's consider a major reason why that is the case.

Abortion on demand. Legal abortion up until the minute before that baby is completely out of the mother's body.

So, in reality, Social Security will be screwed some years down the line because we are aborting our future generations.

In fact, I fully expect the Left to insist that euthanasia be legalized for folks who are too old to be taxed so we are not a burden to society.

Just wait. It will happen. It is happening in Europe now.

The life of an individual human being means nothing to the Left. Nothing.

Hat Tip to Dog Snot Diaries

Posted by Beth at January 12, 2005 06:43 AM