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December 04, 2004

The Spirit of America Blog Challenge

Spirit of America is a great way that you and I can help to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are several groups of bloggers who are competing to bring in the most donations to Spirit of America. The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom do not have radio shows or newspaper columns. We are normal, everyday people. We are also great bloggers! As Puddle Pirate illustrated yesterday, the Northern Alliance is a bunch of losers! And we shall overcome those Northern Alliance 'bloggers' with your help.

These are the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom:

You can join the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom here:

Compare the Northern Alliance to the Democrat Party of this past election cycle. They have some big names that bring in a ton of money to start out with (I have heard rumuors that Hugh Hewitt is best pals with George Soros and that is where their big donations came from), and they talk like they are going to win ... but the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom are true patriots and will come out winning in the end!

I have also heard rumours that James Lileks eats a kittycat everytime someone donates money via the Northern Alliance.

We at the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom are kittycat friendly. When you donate to Spirit of America by clicking on this:

You save a kitty!

Remember - Northern Alliance - bad for kittycats:


Fighting Fusileers - we love kittycats!

Many thanks to Cowboy Blob for catching Lileks in the act!

Posted by Beth at December 4, 2004 09:23 AM