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November 04, 2004

Now that W has won

Why are all the left-leaning politicos and commentators demanding that President Bush needs to bend to their wishes? Good lord, people, more Americans voted for President Bush than any other American President in history! President Bush reached across to Democrats way too often in his first term, and it did him and the country little good. He even got Ted Kennedy, of all people, involved in writing the No Child Left Behind Act. He has increased social spending way more then I think he should have - all to reach out to the liberals. But you know, all that compromise and reaching out and the Dems still refused to give judicial appointments even a vote. It does not matter how hard President Bush works to make nice nice with liberals, they are not going to like him, mostly because he believes in God, I suppose.

Conservatives have a mandate - look at the make up of Congress now - and it is time to make the Bush tax breaks permanent and redouble our efforts in Iraq.

Europe, too, thinks that disagreements on the War in Iraq and the UN are all President Bush's fault. Balderdash. I have said this many times before, but I'll say it again anyway. The great majority of Americans do not want to be Europeans - we don't want to live in tiny little houses in countries that have rules about what names you can give your children. We don't want to live in a socialist "paradise". I believe that Europeans are very jealous of us, but are too fricking lazy to emulate our so-called 'puritan' work habits to be as prosperous as America. It's time for our troops to come home ... from Europe -let Germany defend itself with its own money. Why on earth do European countries think they have a say in how our government is run anyway? Feh.

As far as the deficit goes - I don't know where people upset about the deficit went to school, but when I took economics 101 I learned that the government should spend lots of money to keep the country from going into a depression in times of crisis (terrorists, war, recession).

I see no need for a President with an actual majority of votes (not a just plurality like Clinton had) to reach across to those who are going to kick him in the ass anyway. The heck with Europe and the far left. They are wrong about the Global War on Terror and they are wrong about the US economy, and I'm not even going to bring morality into the discussion.

Posted by Beth at November 4, 2004 06:14 AM